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In Topic: Any Advice For My Poor Skin?!

06 June 2013 - 03:19 PM

I agree, I have extremely sensitive skin and since I have used acne.org products as directed my skin is nearly perfect.

In Topic: Scratched Skin Off, Left With Large Scab

06 June 2013 - 03:16 PM

So for the last few months my back and shoulders have been relatively clear besides blackheads and whatnot but last night I came across a little cyst that looked just about ready to pop... Could I have been more wrong... After minutes of scratching I managed to pop it but it was definitely not worth it for the damage I did to my skin. I'm left with a pretty damn big scab and I was wondering what I could do to speed up the healing process as in worried that neosporin will just clog my pores.

sounds painful.  You could try grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or vaseline and then keep it covered with a bandaid.  All of those will speed healing with out cloging pores. Good luck

In Topic: Help!

01 June 2013 - 05:18 PM

If it helps I will tell you my experience cause I had huge cysts on my jaw and neck 3 times in my life.  The first time was after high school,the second time was after a miscarraige and the 3rd time was after a huge amount of stress and finding out I had food allergies. What works for me is sticking with benzyol peroixde at night only,using non pore clogging moisturizer and sunscreen if needed,I only use bare minerals or sheer cover and I highly reccomend sheer cover for coverage and it helps heal acne,and finding out your allergies.  Through testing I know I am allergic to wheat,rye,and barley aka celiac disease,dairy products,and eggs.  I found when I stopped using milk and other products from dairy cows my acne really cleared up. I know soy products cause acne for some people too. Through trial and error I know I cannot use lotions with shea butter as they cause hives,and virgin coconut oil causes huge cyst on my skin. I know when I take any form of pain killer it causes pimples so it may be worth asking your doctor or researching yourself if your medication may be causing pimples.  I know it's hard,but when I found substitues for dairy like almond milk or rice milk and if I stick to more meditteranean or paleo diet my acne is under control. I hope you find hope in this as I am 35 and have gone thru what you talk about, but with patience,and research I got control of my acne and now have clear skin.  I still struggle with finding a sunscreen and find even the chemical ones that say breakout free cause breakouts. Right now I am using olay complete for sensitive skin mixed with 2 drops of jojoba oil or Dan's moisturizer and it works. 

Good luck in your journey to clear skin and ask me anything, anytime.


P.S I only use the powder in sheer cover cause the concealor gets cakey and it surprises me how good it covers.

p.p.S It might be worth researching omega 3s for depression, you might be surprised how well food works as medicine. I'm not a doctor but I have seen results for some people.

In Topic: Dry Climate And Acne.org Products

01 June 2013 - 12:04 PM

Thank you for the suggestions! I have been using the jojoba oil and my skin has done a turn around.  It is not peeling and flakying anymore. 

I love using vinegar on my hair, but I think my skin is too sensitive.  Do you rinses the vinegar off your face?


I do have one more question though, It seems like when I was using the aminogenesis cleanser and moisturizer my skin was firmer along the jaw line and my wrinkles were more plump,when my skin is completely clear should I start using the aminogenesis again with Dan's BP?  Or does the jojoba oil have some anti-aging qualities that will work better the more I use it?  Currently I am using Dan's Cleanser,treatment,and moisturizer with jojoba oil and It keeps my skin clear with no redness! My only concern now is keeping it firm along my jawline and wrinkles. 

Does anyone else have the same concerns and love Dan's products?

Your replies are aprreciated more than you know.wub.png

In Topic: Canadians Don't Have As Much Acne Because Of Vitamin D Levels?

26 May 2013 - 10:10 PM


ok. maybe. tell me about their diet though? don't they follow the standard american diet? and vitamin D is important for insulin metabolism and there is a study that it cures acne so what you are saying makes sense. 


Not exactly. We don't have the same degree or availability of '"Fatty food" you guys have in America and our food has higher standards in it's preparation and quality and overall it's less toxic. Canada isn't really like America at all, it's closer to the U.K in terms of society.

>I'd like to know about their diet also.  Maybe Canadians don't get acne because of the colder climate, or maybe less stress.  When my parents trailer broke down while traveling there they had people offer to help right away and my parents said they were very friendly.  In America it seems like everyone is always working too hard and stressing too



Yes less stress. We have socialized medicine, little poverty, no violence and a strong economy. It's paradise here, I've never had to worry about anything.

Do you see people with acne there on a consistent basis though? What about severe acne?

I recently read a study of how on average canadians are less deficient than americans in vitamin d levels. Maybe this is why they have way less acne?


I live in Canada and I never see anyone with acne. I've only seen 3-4 people in my whole life with a cystic strain of acne here in Ontario and I'm truthfully not exaggerating. It's not Vitamin D - Canadians are actually way more deficient than Americans in vitamin D, it's probably just the dietary differences.

I read a study saying that canadians are less deficient than americans? Hmm, maybe the study I read was bogus?

Maybe it has more to do with America = diversity of people = more acne in the sense that maybe certain ethnicties are more prone to bad acne.


When I was in Canada (Calgary, Edmonton) I noticed a huge population of caucasions (sp?) who seem to have similar skin... that smooth baby skin. It seems there may be a genetic component to this. 


When I was in India (I am of indian origin), there were places where a lot of people had the same skin tone, and other places where people had horrible acne.. and the diets remained the same. I think it has more to do with how our bodies handle a diet. Maybe some genes handle it in  a different way while others give you disfiguring acne.


I plan on going to Europe soon (for about 3-4 weeks), and I will observe how much acne people have.


I think it's great you get to travel and observe different cultures and their skin.  Please let us know if you see many people with acne in Europe.  I have family that visit from Germany every few years and none of them ever have acne or scars from it, I don't know if they represent most people living in Germany though.