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Spiro At 50Mg, Epiduo, Dairy Free, Blah! Help?!

21 July 2014 - 03:14 PM

Hi everyone! Need some acne buddies to chat to!!!!


So i have been taking spiro for well over a year now, it seemed to be working but in the last few months I have been breaking out loads. I am taking 50mg, do you think i need to up this???


I have also started using epiduo at night.


I am so desperate i have even started cutting dairy out cos i have read of quite a few people who have done that and it has helped. it's rubbish though, i am already craving a pizza!!!


Just could do with some support and advice.


I have been on roaccutane 3 times already and the acne always came back so i wont take it again and i can't take any contraceptive pills like dianette as my sister got a blood clot from taking them.


replies will be very much appreciated :-)


I also tried to benzoyl peroxide routine for several months and it does nothing for me.

Bring Back Retin-A To The Uk!

07 February 2014 - 09:54 AM

Here in the UK, getting your hands on any tretinoin is a complete nightmare! Our only topical prescription containing tretinoin is Aknemycin Plus which is a solution in alcohol (very irritating) and it also contains erythromycin. 


We have no access to any medications such as retin-a micro or ziana etc. We used to have a product called Retin-A which was just tretinoin in a gel and then in October 2012 it was discontinued! I have been using differin but it just isn't quite strong enough.


Anyway, I have started a group of facebook to try and get a few of us together who want retin-a back! Come join me!




Spironolactone For Oily Scalp?

08 May 2013 - 05:44 PM

Hi Everyone!


I have been dealing with an oily scalp for as long as I can remember, having to wash my hair every day. I find it very annoying and time consuming. My skin is also oily.


I have been taking spironolactone for my acne and was hoping that it might help with my oily scalp too but not noticing any difference yet. I am taking 50mg a day. Has anyone got any experience with this??


Thank you!!! :)

Spironolactone Diary (With Video)

05 May 2013 - 06:22 PM

Hi Everyone! wavey.gif


I have just started taking spironolactone so thought I would keep a diary here of how it is going! I have been on it since the 24th of April and have been taking 50mg a day. It was a really struggle getting it prescribed in England, but I nagged and nagged and showed my dermatologist lots of research and eventually persuaded her to let me give it a go.


Some background, iv had acne since i was 11, i am now 26. I have been on countless antibiotics, contraceptive pills (dianette and yasmin) and lots of topicals such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, epiduo, dalacin-t, aknemycin and duac. I have also had 3 sessions of n-lite laser treatment and also 3 courses of Accutane. On top of this i have also tried a lot of different diets, such as dairy-free, gluten-free etc.


So, i had success with Accutane, but only whilst I was taking it, a few months off it and I would be back to square one. I also had some success with Dianette, however, my sister got a blood clot from taking the pill and now I am no longer allowed to take it.



So after doing lots of research, I decided to next thing for me to try would be Spironolactone. I really have high hopes for this drug, as I really am running out of options.


So after 2 weeks, I don't have a whole lot to report, skin is still awful, 3 new cysts come up, very painful. Had a bit of dizziness.


Will update again soon!


Abby xxx