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Topicals For Oil Reduction, Help Please

18 January 2014 - 06:00 AM

Can any one recommend a topical that can help oil reduction ? Would calamine lotion help ?
Thanks :)  

Dry, Cracked, Inflamed Skin Product Advice. Please Help

23 November 2013 - 03:18 PM

Due to the onset of winter in the uk I am experiencing blotchy, dry, cracking , bleeding and painful skin. I have been using a zinc gel on my active acne during the summer and have still been applying it this past week but I really need to put something on my skin that won't cause a flare up, but that will aid healing and that I can maybe apply once every couple of days. I have extremely dry skin, but it also has a tendency to be combination also. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks :)

Acne And The Menstrual Cycle

22 August 2013 - 11:02 AM


Do any of you ladies know why acne almost clears the week before and the 4/5 days during the menstrual cycle? I have read and learnt lots of useful things from you all on here , but I can't find the answer to that particular question. Is it because androgens are lower at this time in the cycle ? (I don't take any BC)

Thanks, in advance. :)

Hormonal Acne Advice

31 May 2013 - 09:05 AM

Hi everyone,


i'm new to acne.org (but not to acne)

i'm a 41 year old female who would like to talk to / seek advice from other females who have hormornal acne.


if i give you a liitle of my history, this may help.


At the age of 28 i came off the mini pill and soon after developed acne. Gp at the time didnt discuss what kind of acne it was but prescribed me with Quinerderm Bp 2.5 %(i also used the 5 and 10) and Amoxicillin antibiotics at 5ml spoon, x2 a day (have issues swallowing large pills !). After around 18 months i was clear. I did not have any further break outs for just over 11 years. i seriously have given no thought to acne for 11 years. Very,very occasionaly i have had one or two spots (not acne) around the time of the month. They would leave me as my period finished.  

Since January this year i have had very erratic and heavy periods (but no breakouts) then in April this year i had a mid cycle bleed and a massive out break of acne. This acne is similar to the acne i had when i was 28, small pimples which totally cover my forehead and lots of small white heads and larger red, bumpy lumps which are on my neck, jaw line and around my mouth. After many visits to see my current Gp and 1 month of persisting with quinerderm (to no avail) , i am currently back on Amoxicillin at 5ml spoon x2 a day and Zineryt gel, twice a day.I cannot take the pill or dianne 35 due to my age and being a smoker. I have been referred to the hospital , but as i am in distress, forgot to ask which department !   

I would like to treat this acne outbreak as naturally as possible. I'm not sure i could cope with accutane as i already have IBS and Fibromyalgia.

i apologise for the lengthy post but thought it best to get it all down.


Thanks for reading (if you did!)