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#3364831 No Probiotics For Months--Totally Clear!

Posted by 3lilpigs on 08 July 2013 - 12:57 PM

Link to one study on histamine rich foods:

Google: 'foods that cause histamine reaction', the studies and information are endless. The link I posted above is one of many.

#3364460 No Probiotics For Months--Totally Clear!

Posted by 3lilpigs on 07 July 2013 - 08:16 AM

You might consider looking into testing your reaction some of these other tested histamine rich foods: alcohol and long-ripened or fermented (and therefore histamine-rich) food, such as aged cheese, cured meat, and yeast products; histamine-rich food, such as bananas, spinach or tomatoes; or histamine liberators, such as citrus fruit, should be avoided.

I know several of those are a no brainer, but a few (spinach, tomatoes) were a surprise to me. I've been researching foods that cause histamine reactions to limit the enormous restrictions I had recently set on my diet. Like you, I'm trying to open my diet as not to trigger past disordered eating behaviors. I would prefer to know the exact foods that cause negative physical responses, as opposed to cutting entire food groups out of my diet. Hell, I have gone weeks where I ate only apples and almonds out of fear that I would breakout. I can't afford to slip down that slippery disordered eating slope anymore. Being aware of the exact foods that are the problem has freed up my dietary allowances, and my mind!

Thank you for being open about the issue of your eating disorder. It opens this topic up to show there needs to be a boundary on the lengths we will go to clear our skin. No one should needlessly go down the path of disordered eating as the means to end the problem of acne; having suffered through both, we know the path of an eating disorder creates far more anguish and destruction. It is a delicate balance.

#3363336 What Does Clear Skin Feel Like?

Posted by 3lilpigs on 02 July 2013 - 11:26 AM

I have found I'm obsessing about other things now. Scars, my weight, my mental health...it's a never ending, self feeding cycle. I realize it's a form of body dismorphic disorder (see, there I go with the mental health stuff), because once I fix one thing, I find there's another, bigger thing that needs repair right away. My skin is lovely now, I get compliments on how clear & pretty it is, but I find flaws in it, inevitably. I am working on being mindful and grateful of my present state of being. I thank God, every morning, that my skin has cleared up and remains clear. It feels like a big relief to not be in a constant state of worry about a new cyst (or 10) breaking out on my face.