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Can Acne Be Hormone Related ?

29 April 2013 - 04:34 PM

hi im new to this site , never had spots at all until i was in my early thirties , started getting them quite badly on my back and shoulders , it would get worse just  before my period die down a bit then come back , when i got pregnant at 36 , totally clear skin not a single spot for nine months , about six months after id had her i started getting them back ,now fast forward four years and my whole back is a painful mess of spots complete with scarring , i also get them up the side of my neck and under my chin ,although strange as it is rarely on my face doctor has got me on three months of lymecycline 408mg , but its not working the miricles i hoped it would , is it possible my acne is hormone related and id be better of going on the pill ?