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10 May 2013 - 07:57 AM



The jojoba oil may have to go.  Things seemed fine last night but this morning my face is red and splotchy - a sure fire sign that i am about to have a first class breakout.  Dammit, i can't catch a break.  I'll see how things progress throughout the day and i may continue to use throughout the weekend but IDK.  These bumps that are coming up are tiny red bumps (clogged pores) - the redness is mostly around my mouth/chin area (acne central).   This reminds me of when i had a facial and even though my skin felt smooth, those little fuckers just popped up and of course i broke out bad.  Not sure what to do.  Push through or shelf yet another product?





So after careful consideration, i have decided to shelve the jojoba oil....for now.  I can always use it for my hands and body.  I am also switching from Dan's moisturizer to my Neutrogenia for Sensitive Skin as it has never made a difference good or bad with my acne and it doesn't leave my face dry and as flaky.  It sucks about the oil though as it really made the moisturizer go on so much better and my face feel smoother.  My 'no mirrors' rule is getting harder to follow and i find myself analyzing my skin as it gets worse and worse (almost to pre-tane level).  Emotionally, i am drained, anxious, scared, worried and havign flashbacks of the terrible summer i had in both 2011 and 2012.  I can't allow myself to go through that again.  May we all stay strong together!

amen :D
call me crazy but when i'm feeling so ugly and unlucky because of my damn acne i start searching for videos about people who went through wars or accidents or something very very bad..then i feel lucky and silly coz i cared so much about something that will eventually go away..(hopefully!lol)

now i'm considering "Diane" ... what do you think?? 

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07 May 2013 - 01:31 PM

Day # 11 -i am quite concerned that i am beginning to break out on my neck.  1-3 red bumps at the moment and tons of smaller goosebumps.  Is this normal.  I make sure not to get BP/Moisturizer there either....sigh.....hope i'm not trading 1 problem for another.  I think i'll try NOT moisturizing that area as i never did before and see what happens.  I hate Acne all day AND everydayeusa_wall.gif

 acne  angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png 
be strong and don't give up like i did!!

can you put pictures of some areas on ur face??i would like to see how b.p made ur skin look like (coz mine was VERY red)...if you don't mind :D

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03 May 2013 - 02:26 PM

i have just seen your before and after pictures and CONGRATULATIONS!! you look amazing !!

i am on day 4 and my face burns like hell and it's VERY red,,did you experience something like that??does it go away after a while??

should i give up :/ 

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01 May 2013 - 03:24 AM

about itching (sigh) i can stop myself during the day,,but at night O_O i woke up last night because i was itching so hard in my sleep!! ugh angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png