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smsm's Blog > Greedy

Posted 16 May 2013

last month my one and only wish was to wake up with nothing new on my face...now after my wish came true,,i am like : daaaaaaaamn how can i get rid of all these red marks!!! well,,i know my face may break out any second...it calmed down suddenly and this might be the "calm before the storm" http://www.acne.org/...yle_emoticon...

smsm's Blog > Is This A Coincidence?!

Posted 07 May 2013

well,,i'm confused now!! after four days on the regimen i decided to quit after my face burned badly ... today (three days later ) 95% of redness in gone,, and,,,,,,,i have no "new" pimples or zits or any kind of acne!!i haven't woken up with nothing new on my face for soooo long!!!!my left cheek has no acne at all now!!just red spots with no,,(...

smsm's Blog > Damage Control

Posted 05 May 2013

so today my face is 24 hrs b.p  free.. burned skin started to peel off but it hurts when i try to help it peel so i left it to take it's time.. my face is exactly like my shoulders in the day after when i swim for too long under the sun without any sunscreen ..like snake changing it's skin..lol i know i know you get it no more examples http://ww...

smsm's Blog > White Flag

Posted 04 May 2013

this is the fifth and LAST day on the regimen...i believe i am allergic to bp because now i my face is chemically burned ... yes burned it's not just RED now i also have burned areas around my mouth and under the area around my eyes,,l ast night was a hell of a night ,i couldn't sleep because my face burned so much i couldn't take it no more so i wen...

smsm's Blog > Day 4 On "the Regimen"

Posted 03 May 2013

GOD is this normal?????????????!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! my face is burning and it's so RED like a VERY VERY bad sunburn ...can somebody look at picture and tell me if this is normal!! (it's much worse on reality but the camera is not that good)if it's normal when will it go away http://www.acne.org/...default/sad.png i feel lik...