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Posted by Jikstah on 05 June 2013 - 01:48 AM

Week 3


Dosage: 20mg - daily


Acne: Moderate - I honestly don't think my 'active' acne can be classed as moderately-severe any more. I'M STOKED! I have one nodule which is pretty much flat, and only 10-12 active acne (most of which are under the skin still) which ranges from small pustules to a couple bigger cysts. My face is so much smoother than what it was a month ago. Although this has all left me with severe scarring sad.png. Hyperpigmentation and stuff.



Side effects: - Dry lips and facial skin of course, my face is a lot drier than before though. No more nose bleeds after than one day/night. Back pain is definitely a side effect I'm experiencing, especially after sport. Nothing too new is affecting me, fingers crossed this is all! eusa_think.gif


Experience Rating: Happy. I don't know if it actually is the Accutane but my face has improved decently. No road bumps. A-.


Query me.

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Posted by Jikstah on 15 May 2013 - 03:28 AM

update your progress....and GOOD LUCK!!! 


I will, thank you!