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In Topic: Popped Acne, Failed, Bump. Inflammation Or Pus?

28 September 2014 - 10:19 AM

Update: It's sunday, which is one week after it appeared and also one week after the night I, unsuccessfully, tried to pop it. It is scabbing up and the inflammation continues to go down. I haven't touched it and don't plan to, even though it occasionally itches. Hopefully it's gone by the time I see my derm this Friday so that I don't have to go through the stress of a cortisone shot.  

In Topic: Popped Acne, Failed, Bump. Inflammation Or Pus?

26 September 2014 - 07:10 PM

Well, it's unanimous, I won't touch it for the next 7 days until I see my dermatologist. Won't even use ice. What do you guys think the derm will do? Cortisone shot? And is there a chance the little bump of hardness goes away by itself before then?


I'm actually very lucky when it comes to acne, but sometimes it still makes me reconsider what I study in school. Heck, if I let something like this keep me from going out on a friday night, what will I do when I am scheduled to give a huge sales presentation during an outbreak..? 

In Topic: Popped Acne, Failed, Bump. Inflammation Or Pus?

26 September 2014 - 02:19 PM

Well here's an update: the inflammation has gone down because of ice and ibuprofen. It's extremely hard to not poke at, but I am doing my best. The whitehead that had developed popped while I was icing it and a lot of pus came out. There is still a bump underneath the skin (oval, and about the size of a bean) and I'm not sure how to proceed. It has been five days since the cyst initially formed, I wish I had never tried to pop it the first night. 


I have a derm appointment next friday (one week from today) and will probably get a cortisone shot if this is still there. It's not really raising the skin at all, but I can notice it. 


Should I just leave it alone for the next week (until the derm) or should I ice the bump (or use heat..?)?


I would really appreciate hearing from you guys!

In Topic: Same Red Mark For 10 Months, Ruining Everything

27 January 2014 - 05:11 PM

I have one on my right cheekbone that's fairly big but only shows up when it's cold out, like you said. I call her Big Red, she only shows her face when she gets cold.


Last week a huge one showed up on my left cheekbone and I have a feeling it's going to turn out the same way. At least there'll be symmetry? :/

How long ago did the one on your cheek first show up? Has it been over a year?

In Topic: Same Red Mark For 10 Months, Ruining Everything

27 January 2014 - 04:59 PM

It has faded some, but at times the redness comes back (such as when it's cold out). I have had three v-beam laster treatments (didn't bruise, possibly would have had better results if it had) which may account for some of the progress I've had. The cyst was a nightmare but now I have redness which really kills my selfesteem. I actually currently use a concealer to cover it up which just about causes me to hate myself every time I get ready for the day. I'm a junior in college and am expected to get an internship this Summer. I can't even imagine begining my professional career like this.. Let alone meet a nice girl when I'm contantly anxious about whether they can notice the coverup. :( I had no idea how crippling these things could be. Anybody else have redness from something like this? How long did it take to heal? Please help!


Apple Blossom, if you had a sebacous cyst wouldn't they have to remove it to prevent it from coming back? Is it flat now? Mine is flat but took about 6 months to completely flatten out (I'm assuming from scar tissue that was slowly reabsorbed).