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In Topic: I Use Nothing, Help?

13 March 2015 - 12:26 AM

Hey everyone, I could really use your help.

I'm a senior in college and have never used anything on my face (I just let water run down my face in the shower). I'm fortunate to not have that much acne, but will always have a spot and will occasionally have a pimple that takes forever to surface.. Annoying and a total confidence killer, in fact I will cancel all plans whenever I have one of those. This is something I want to address. But have no idea where to start. In fact I'm scared to try anything new in fear of making things worse. 

Many of my pores have gunk and junk in them (oftentimes with no real irritation or redness). What would help this? A moisturizer? An exfoliant? For the most part I wouldn't say my face is dry or anything, but maybe I'm so naive I just don't know it. 

I'm absolutely in the dark here. I'm 21 and have never had any parent or friend assist me with this. What do you suggest? 


Sorry you are feeling low about your skin! But great news that you don't suffer from too much acne.


Onto your skincare:
If you're thinking about starting up a skincare regimen but you are worried about it making your skin worse, I would recommend patch testing products for a week on one area of your skin and seeing how it responds. When I used to wash my face I personally used manuka honey as a cleanser. It is extremely gentle and suitable for sensitive skin, and it has amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties! (Perfect for killing acne.)
I know it sounds a little crazy to wash your skin with honey, but it's legit I promise. I had some great results! 


Currently I am in the process of the "no wash" caveman regimen. So I am basically trying to do exactly what you're doing now! Results so far in terms of my active acne have been great. But, I know what you mean about clogged pores. When there is nothing removing dead skin build up from your face I can see how they would become a problem. So for a gentle, natural exfoliator if you wanted to try one out, I would recommend oatmeal. Here's a link to a great video on how to use oatmeal for acne:

When you say your pores have gunk and junk in them, are they blackheads or closed comedones? And how visible are they? For example, can you only see them when you are an inch away from the mirror?
Also, how is your diet? Have you considered the possibility of a food allergy causing your breakouts?


Thank you for the response! I will need to do some research on honey and oatmeal. As far as my pores, there are black heads on my nose and visibly clogged pores (white, not inflamed) on the skin by my nose. Strangely the these pores will literally 'ooze' the pus out after I shower, again without any irritation. When this pus dries it sort of becomes less visible. Gross sorry. 


I've experimented with my diet before and I'm almost sure it has no effect on my acne, but maybe I'm lacking a vitamin or something. I drink a lot of water and eat pretty healthy for the most part, but I don't take a multivitamin.


I did some research before reading your comment and found this product (linked below). Could you tell me what you think? It's a Dove product, which reassures me because it's a well-known brand, but I'm not sure if it's non-comedogenic. The link below is to the Dove Sensitive Face Wash for men, I'm not sure if Dove Moisturizing Face Wash for men would be better since I don't plan on adding a moisturizer. Any direction on this?



In Topic: I Use Nothing, Help?

11 March 2015 - 07:39 PM

Thanks for the reply Tesla, non-comedogenic is a must for sure.

In Topic: I Use Nothing, Help?

10 March 2015 - 08:00 PM


In Topic: Popped Acne, Failed, Bump. Inflammation Or Pus?

28 September 2014 - 10:19 AM

Update: It's sunday, which is one week after it appeared and also one week after the night I, unsuccessfully, tried to pop it. It is scabbing up and the inflammation continues to go down. I haven't touched it and don't plan to, even though it occasionally itches. Hopefully it's gone by the time I see my derm this Friday so that I don't have to go through the stress of a cortisone shot.  

In Topic: Popped Acne, Failed, Bump. Inflammation Or Pus?

26 September 2014 - 07:10 PM

Well, it's unanimous, I won't touch it for the next 7 days until I see my dermatologist. Won't even use ice. What do you guys think the derm will do? Cortisone shot? And is there a chance the little bump of hardness goes away by itself before then?


I'm actually very lucky when it comes to acne, but sometimes it still makes me reconsider what I study in school. Heck, if I let something like this keep me from going out on a friday night, what will I do when I am scheduled to give a huge sales presentation during an outbreak..?