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Anybody Ever Hear Or Use Treskinrx

07 January 2014 - 07:23 PM

Its a skincare company started by a cosmetic surgeon that uses natural substances like pharmaceutical grade aloe, sulfurand other stuff to treat acne.  heres a link to their acne program. http://www.treskinrx...index.php?id=55


I know its a marketing company based on having "consultants" sell their products but i just want to know what people think about their products.  It seems you can buy a 2 week trial kit.  Im looking for any reviews of your experiences or opinion of the products.

My Adult Acne Regimen

09 May 2013 - 08:21 AM

Hi folks, I'm a 35 year old male who has been battling acne since i was a teen.  Id classifiy my acne as mild to moderate, enough to annoy me but not devastate me.  My acne actually went away in my early 20's and came roaring back in my late 20's.  My dermatologist at that point told me the genetic alterations that cause acne and be deactivated and activated by the body at any point so no acne really can never be cured.


I tried all the prescription acne meds you can think of, even did 2 rds of accutane.  With each medication id see results for a little while but then my acne would become tolerant to the mediciation and it wouldnt work anymore.  2 years ago I finally decided to stop the antibiotic and topical use (since they werent really working anyway) and look for a more natural way to treat my acne.  Ifiugred my body was having issues with dealing with the daily toxic load it was exposed to (i.e. pollution/chemicals in food and cosmetic stuff)  Heres what worked for me:




First thing I did diet-wise was switch to completely organic foods, and i mean not just fruits and veggies, but i know by my meats (im a big steak lover) from organic sources.  Again its all about dimishing the toxic load on the body.  I know people say its expensive but honestly, i made a few other budget cutbacks (like only eat out once a week) to make up from the difference.


I cut out all dairy for a few months which moderately helped with my acne.  Best part of cutting out dairy is i lost about 15lbs.  Now i only drink/eat dairy that is organic to avoid the hormone load found in milk.  I do cheat sometimes (i.e. pizza/ice cream) but minimizing your dairy intake should help diminsh the exogenous hormonal load on your body.


Reducing sugar didnt really have that much effect on my acne reduction.  I dont over do it, but i definitely watch my sugar intake.


Gluten is another story.  I actually realized that drinking 3-4 beers (very high gluten content) at my weekly poker game would cause me to break out the very next day.  I experimented by switching to gluten free beer (Omission tastes pretty good!!) that those post poker breakouts didnt occur anymore.  So i watch my gluten intake as much as i can, but find it impossible to completely eliminate it from my diet.


Of course, i increased my fruit and green veggie uptake, but to be honest i was eating these anyway.


2) Supplementation


My research has shown that most acne is due to the body underperforming some of its eliminatory functions, which leads to acne.  Whether its digestion, the metabolism of innate substances (i.e. hormones/inflammatory mediators) or exogeous substances (i.e. chemicals/pollution).  I keep my regimen simple, some people can get really crazy with supplementation so heres what i do:


I realized that high vit b12 causes cystic acne, so i avoid all mutivitamins and b complex formulas (i havent found a product that doesnt have high b12 levels) and im sure not going to take the other b vitamins individually, that can get really expensive.  I rely on my fruits and veggie intake for my b vitamins.


I dont want this post to seem like a marketing tool, so i will not mention any brands that I use.  If anyone is interested, ask and ill be more than happy to let you know which brands i use.

     a) Fish Oil- The DHA/EPA (esp EPA) content in fish oil is vital for thier anti-inflammtory, and slight anti-androgen effects (i tried  

                         saw palmetto for its anti-androgen effects and i didnt like the side effects).  I take 3 GRAMS (my brand is 15 soft

                         gels) per day, 5 with every meal.  Some people get the fishy aftertaste with fish oils.  Two easy solutions are dont

take the oil take capsules instead, and freeze the capsules.