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21 April 2013 - 08:21 PM

I don't ever take the time to post on the internet but I had  acne for a long time and wish someone had told me about this earlier. I know this will help a lot of people and feel like I need to pass along the knowledge that made my skin perfect.  I am male who suffered from acne for over 10 years. It started when I hit puberty and I used many different creams and lotions. I was obsessed with finding out what worked and spent a lot of time and money on different products. I used neutrogena on the spot  and cetephil wash which worked really well for about 5 years. I had fairly clear skin but still got the occasional pimple and my forehead and nose were always really shiny. But it was better than using anything else including prescriptions that I used which included retin-A, minocycline etc. When the on the spot stopped working I thought I needed a stronger dosage and so thats what I did and each time my skin kept getting worse. So I  went back to the On the Spot and my face still was getting worse.  Around the same time I had a friend of mine who had really bad acne. He was younger than me and his face was all of a sudden a pizza face. His acne was horrible. I suggested to him that he use what I used but the guy didn't really give a shit and was too lazy to use anything or wash his face. His face kept getting worse and he still refused to use anything and after about a year I noticed his face was starting to clear up. I asked him if he used anything and he said never. A few months later and his skin looked perfect. Thats when I google "clearing acne by not using any products" and I found "the  caveman"  I started reading it and read the whole thing and remembered how my friends face went from being completely shit to perfect and it all made sense. So I started it and for about the first 4 months my face looked worse than it had ever been but I had proof from my friends face and from the posts here that made me stick to it. After about 4 months my face started to slowly clear. Now after nine months my skin is absolutely perfect no pimples and scars have faded.  I haven't got a pimple in a few months. I didn't do the full caveman because I did take showers and washed my face with just water in the shower. It feels so good to go to sleep and not have to worry about if I missed putting on my medication or if I will wake up with a new pimple and walk around with an oily face all day. I hope this helps out a lot of you guys.