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Acne On Forehead. (Pictures Included)

21 April 2013 - 10:56 AM

Hey guys! I'm new here! I am 18 years of age and started breaking out quite bad recently. I've tried eating raw veggies and fruits before and saw some amazing results after a few days! I started getting a little cocky and included some bad foods into my diet again; just small amounts though and started to break out again sad.png! So I decided to go back fully raw and the results that happened last time aren't happening?! Acne is really playing with my social life, confidence and self esteem, I never would of though it, so strange.

I've also started getting small bumps on my forehead as well, sort of looks like a rash? 


If anyone can suggest any natural remedies which I could try, anything I should eat? anything really! I'm just a teen looking for that quick fix!