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Coping With Rosacea

21 April 2013 - 09:15 AM

Hi Everyone!


This is my first post here and I would like to share my struggles with Rosacea and would also love to hear from the community. I went to a dermatologist yesterday and found out I had Rosacea. I am 19 years old and current attending a community college and planning to transfer to Boston University in the fall. It was a difficult choice to make as I knew making friends would not be easy due to my skin condition. My face has been very flushed and bumpy ever since last fall. I think it worsened and turned purple at one point (to my disbelief) when I was taking an exam and very stressed. Before visiting the dermatologist, I did some research to figure out what could be the cause of all this and suspected eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and rosacea. My symptoms matched closely with Rosacea and from that point on I was in denial as reading from other posts there seems to be no cure. The thought of having to live with facial redness and having people stare at parts of my face instead of directly into my eyes made me miserable. I decided to visit a dermatologist after I noticed not only students, but professors looking at my face more often. This lowered my self-confidence and I am afraid to speak out in class or in the public anymore. I stopped eating out at restaurants, going to the grocery store (Costco!!! Where there always seem to be a lot of people L ), etc.


After visiting the dermatologist, I was prescribed 100mg 30 CAP of Doxycycline and Metro gel 1%. Unfortunately, I do not have any insurance and therefore I only purchased the pills as Metro gel was about $328 for me over the counter at CVS. I sought a cheaper gel and found Prosacea. It seems that it works wonders for some individuals and I am deciding whether or not to purchase this along with Cetaphil moisturizing cream and gentle cleanser.


Overall, this condition affected me not only physically, but also psychologically. I would love to get any feedbacks on the products mentioned above or comments about my topic and thanks/sorry this is so long!