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#3442436 What Treatment Is Best Against These Scars? (12 Pictures)

Posted by Julian1 on 20 July 2014 - 01:46 PM

Hey Julian,

How's the stamping coming along? Have you noticed any improvment?

Heyah pineappleXpress! 

Yeah I really think so, now it's been half a year since I started dermastamping and I believe I can see quite a process. It is hard to know exactly but when I took those pictures in the start of this thread I was using AHA so the scars seemed better than they actually were I believe. It's also hard to tell but I saw that you also thought the process went faster after using LEDS and a moisturizer and I must agree. It feels like the scars are mostly visible if you stand in certain angles/directions and look straightly onto the scars (like straight sunlight and stand and look on the scars from a certain angle and strong mirror lights)

I've read some of your posts and I really think you should follow the dermastamping+LED path. It is safe, sure it takes time but the more you stamp/roll the better you will get at it and also I believe the skin will get "used to it" and the improvement will go faster and faster.

I have seen that lots of friends have acne scars just because I've seen them in mirror lights /straight in the sun and they doesn't seem to be bothered and also I'm sure noone cares about it. 

I've seen your pictures and I think your scars look perfectly fine, don't do anything hasty like weird operations or stuff which outcome can make it worse. I mean, now with LED+a good mosturizer and you learning the technique it will go faster and faster and IMO guys wouldn't care about your scars, at least I wouldn't.

One more thing: I think after using this procedure for a while you get better (more accurate) at "inspecting the skin" so you can REALLY notice your scars and get to know them after a while. Most people won't even notice some scars you've got) I'm sure if you had a before-after picture for 6 months it will look waaaay better. Imagine how it looks like in a year! Liquid_Ocelot and the other guys who succeeded are hopefully us in the future :)

#3397226 Does Moisturization Helps Scars To Fade?

Posted by Julian1 on 26 November 2013 - 11:47 AM

For those of you who can't stand many moisturizers:

Precisely after applying your acne/red marks will be extra red, but if you just ignore the mirror for at least 30 minutes, you will notice it is much better afterwards. Don't let your skin go dry.