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In Topic: (Pictures) Lots Of White Pores(?) Around Chin, What Is It?

12 February 2015 - 08:40 PM

This is going to sound gross, but what happens when you squeeze them?  Anything?

Nothing happens, they just remain there. It is very weird.

In Topic: (Pictures) Lots Of White Pores(?) Around Chin, What Is It?

10 February 2015 - 11:59 AM

Yes milia tends to be hard .
Doing too much on our faces tends to change the way the collagen behaves ,sometimes the collagen gets trapped and starts forming scar tissue,heavy moisturizing tend to form milia ,specially heavy sunscreens.
What happens when acne is gone,we try to erase what was left of the acne,scars ,discoloration as soon as possible.
Let me give you my example,about 2010 I went to the dermatologist to control my hormonal acne,my face was doing ok,I had treated my acne with benzoyl peroxide treatment,I used persa gel,and Dan's benzoyl peroxide treatment,in combination with some over the counter products ,it cleared me good,then I decided to visit the derm because I wanted his opinion ,well ,he gave me retin a , this retin a micro,caused me the worst cystic acne of my life and totally changed my skin , after the cystic acne cleared with the same over the counter products I had used before,my skin developed some bumps,really small,they don't feel like milia ,they feel the same way as you describe,soft .
I can't hardly see them.
I have an idea what might have caused them.
I think the collagen stimulated by the retin a started forming scar tissue ,the collagen became trapped and formed cystic acne and the remaining of that acne were those little bumps.
This is my experience,for you to figure it out, you will have to pay attention and see if the cause can be something else.
Take care and ask your dermatologist.

I see, thank you for your experience.

If I use no moisturiser the pores/marks will be harder and when I use moisturizer they will be very soft, so there is that.


But I still have no idea what it can be. 

In Topic: (Pictures) Lots Of White Pores(?) Around Chin, What Is It?

09 February 2015 - 10:46 AM


In Topic: (Pictures) Lots Of White Pores(?) Around Chin, What Is It?

08 February 2015 - 07:17 PM

Also, could it be folliculitis? Maybe I am too harsh when I shave with my electric razor. So maybe I should only shave the direction which the hairs grow, earlier I have shaved more freely.

In Topic: (Pictures) Lots Of White Pores(?) Around Chin, What Is It?

08 February 2015 - 05:24 PM

Enhancing the third picture,there is one that looks like it has a black thing inside,could the facial hair be causing this? It really doesn't look like millia .
Have you asked your dermatologist about this ?
I think sometimes the facial hair can ingrow and form a small dry whitehead,the only way to know is probably paying attention if one of those decide to pop and expels a hair.
Millia doesn't go away and you are really young to have sebaceous hyperplasia.
Do you have keratosis pilaris on your body ?
Millia is caused by using heavy creams according to the dermatologist.
Take care,I hope you can find out what is causing this, and please let us know.

Hi Noche,


No I have not noticed any keratosis pilaris on my body and I haven't spoken to my dermatologist about these yet. It might indeed be ingrown hairs but can there really be so many of them? I have not really paid attention to these white marks because earlier I have always had acne/old acne on my chin that were more noticeable. But now (when most of the acne is gone) and when you look in strong lights, you can see this. It looks really awful and there is so many of them, from cheek to cheek :(. They are soft and if i draw my finger where they are I can barely notice anything by touch (milia tends to be hard, right?). 

I should also say that lately I have been needling (dermastamping, against scars, but not on the area where these white marks are located) and through the years I have tested lots of products, everything from oil, heavy cleansing products to AHA/BHA.

Everything I use right now is the Tetralysal, Epiduo and a normal cleanser/moisturiser while showering.