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#3438118 Water Fast For Scars And Acne

Posted by Tayto101 on 26 June 2014 - 03:19 PM

Thanks tayto. I will start the fast by monday. I am also skinny. Ant idea how much weight would i lose? Im 180cm 69kg. smile.png


Hello guys. Anyone still active in this thread? Im about to try the fast. Anyone want to come with me at tje same day? Pm me. Thanks. Im trying to fix an indented nose scar.



I don't know about water fasting. There's no nutrition in water. I did do a vegetable juice fast for three weeks once, lost 12-13lbs and my skin looked perfect afterwards. It makes sense that in order to rebuild damaged tissue, your body would want some potent nutrition fast-tracked to it, so that's what I did.

So your skin looked perfect? Do you mean your scars healed? Or did you not have any? If so, what kind were they?
I'm on day 2 of a juice fast. Don't feel too bad. Just nervous that this won't work for me
I did not have indented scars. Only hyperpigmentation. It helped get my skin into a good cycle. Sometimes bad food gets your skin into an acne cycle that is difficult to get out of, even once you remove the offending foods. I think juice fasting helped fast-track some nutrition right where it was needed at the time, and helped my body heal overall.
Hey ye i still check here but i'm not gonna fast anytime soon cause i'm too skinny. I'm eating high carb vegan and i'm trying to go more raw at the moment. I'm also doing liver flushes. Good luck with your fast.

Good luck then, I'll check back here to see how u are. I dunno, about a pound a day i've heard, maybe more. You lose more in the first week and then it starts to fall off slower. Are u working or studying or will u be able to rest? I've read that the worst thing about it is the boredom but u really need to rest as much as possible, u know cause u might be dizzy or faint. Do u drive cause that's not the best idea.. Have u told a family member or friend? I'd imagine you will feel a bit depressed and lonely not eating!! That's how I would feel.