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I'm Lost- Recently Told I Have Rosacea But Something Isn't Sitting Right...

22 August 2013 - 08:59 PM

I want to ask some questions without telling my full story because it would be very very long...


In short- I joined this site for oily skin. Acne hasn't really been a battle because as long as I use a cream cleanser with SA and 2.5% BP, I'm golden. But I've had a recent breakout and new cysts are popping up. It's causing hyperpigmentation and scarring. I went to an urgent care doctor because I convinced myself that it was some sort of bacterial infection. He took one look at it and said it was acne rosacea. He prescribed me metronidazole gel and I'm seeing improvement, even though I don't think this guy took me seriously. It's so mild but it's persistent and I've been losing my mind. I want to stop it before it erupts into a full blown condition that will cause even more terrible days in the future. 

Note- I've googled and researched for the last 6 days nonstop. So I may have answers to some of these questions, but I would like to hear more from people actually dealing with this. 


Here are my questions: 


How can you tell the difference between regular acne and rosacea just by looking at it? Aren't there other tests that could be more definitive?


I've read about the terrifying demodex mite- if by chance it was the cause, how the hell would these things multiply all of a sudden? What is the treatment for them and is it permanent or will I always have to be on the gel or some other form of treatment?


Has anyone ever thought that their tap water might be causing skin issues? I recently moved- and now my hair and the skin on my legs is dry and itchy. Is it crazy to be concerned? 


Is rosacea primarily just redness and broken veins?  How and why is it different than acne? I don't think I have the main symptoms. 


Can tea tree oil or coconut oil help? I've read that tea tree oil can help kill the bacteria that the mites feed on and that coconut oil can possibly suffocate and kill the mites themselves. Am I off base on this? When they die, will they be purged from my skin? 


I read that rosacea affects women in their 30s with fair skin. Yay or nay? Because I am 33 with very fair skin. Is this why this popped up now?


I recently started taking herbal supplements to battle oily skin- could this be the cause? 


Back in March I tried to go "green" in face care. Nightmare. Allergic to most of the natural products and after 3 months of my skin not adapting, I gave up. I went back to my old routine and my skin starting clearing up immediately, but did I put something in motion with this failed quest? 


Will metronidazole work for rosacea and other skin conditions? I don't want to assume that just because it's working, that it's an indication that I have rosacea. 


I'm not convinced this is what I have. But that could be because I just don't want this condition. I'm already battling oily skin and it makes me look old and tired, i don't want inflamed cysts on top of that. Also, it gives me the weirds to think that I have monster mites crawling around in my face. yuck. :(


Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions. 













Acupuncture For Hormonal Issues? Anyone Tried It?

03 July 2013 - 02:56 AM

Any positive or negative stories would be helpful. Never tried this for any reason, but im running out of options for trying to cure my oily skin from the inside. Some people swear by it for insomnia and lady part issues, so its worth a shot. I just have no idea what to expect.

Comments/suggestions, even if you havent tried this, are welcome.

Just found this-nice success story...

I Have An Oily Scalp As Well-Suggestions On Shampoo?

18 June 2013 - 10:59 PM

I have very long hair and I'm trying to go a little more natural. I've found some things that are making a difference in my hair, but seem to cause a little build up on my scalp. It's not super itchy, but when I scratch my scalp, I sometimes pull out a little blackhead. 


Any suggestions on shampoo for people with oily hair? What are everyone's thoughts on conditioner? I don't use much, mostly just on the ends to make it a little easier to comb through. I haven't been using any kinds with sulphates or crap ingredients but I just thought about how when I was a kid, I never used conditioner and I had clean, shiny hair. But as we age, volume decreases, hair thins out and seems to get drier on the ends faster than it used to. 


Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts on the matter. :)

Help Me Understand Androgens Please!

08 June 2013 - 01:37 AM

I feel like ive finally gotten to a point where i believe that oily skin is a result of hormonal imbalances and elevated androgen levels. I wanted to believe oily skin was somehow my fault by using the wrong products but no matter what i try, outside of drying agents, i will always have oily skin. I just have to learn how to "manage" it. I feel the tv and the internet have lied to us. Always claiming that a product will cure it but it never does.

Science guys or anyone who understands hormonal imbalances- please weigh in.

Why are oily skinned peoples androgens higher? Is that the only reason we have oily skin?
Can women take saw palmetto?
Can men take black cohosh?
Anyone tried chasteberry? Where the heck can i even find that one?
Are these safe for someone who is on birth control? Asking doctors for advice on herbal supplements is not always easy. So im looking for support here.

Sugar- Ive never been sold on a connection between diet and acne since ive changed my diet drastically and saw no improvement in oil or acne. No doubt it improves overall skin health though.
I read that sugar may have an effect. Sugar prompts insulin production. Insulin triggers the ovaries to produce testosterone. Is this accurate? I have polycystic ovaries  and endometriosis and im on depo provera which is a birth control with no estrogen. I can only assume that my hormones are unbalanced.
Why do men have higher androgen levels? Can we actually balance these with some herbal supplements?
Im experimenting with cutting out sugary drinks and replacing them with spearmint tea as ive heard here that spearmint may reduce testosterone levels. Anyone who wants to join this experimemt, please post your results.

Calling All Science Guys--Toner....

02 June 2013 - 04:38 PM

Cbiot, Jofo, Omnivium and any other science people......


As you guys know, I was on a quest. It's over and all of my allergic reactions/acne/bumps are nearly gone. But oil is once again my mission to get rid of. 


New question is about toner- My cleanser has a ph of 2.5-3.5. Do I need a toner? Are there other advantages of a toner that I should be aware of? Can a toner be the cause of oily skin for some people?


You all commented on the post about needing a moisturizer and in trying that, I learned that it's not an option. My skin doesn't feel right without using my spf lotion and I guess I'm not ready to expose my face to the sun like that. Also, the oil was not reduced.


I'm experimenting with not using my toner and while it's weird to cleanse and then go straight to my moisturizer, there are no negative results yet, but it is only day two. Yesterday and today there is less oil. Thoughts on why this is?