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In Topic: Summary Of The Solutions Proven To Work For Oily Skin

04 September 2013 - 09:25 PM

Saw palmetto-Took a while, but it helped. I also added fenugreek and stinging nettle. Not a huge difference. Girls-my northern ladyparts got bigger so that was nice. Not by much, just fuller. No complaints about that side effect. :)


Peppermint tea- I don't know if it was drinking a ton of this or cutting out pop, but it helped. I'm back to drinking pop, but only one every other day. I just couldn't hold out any longer. I like bubbles with my dinner. But I'm glad I went a couple months pop free. 


Lemon oil- worked like magic for me because it dried my skin out but not in a terrible way. But turns out I'm allergic to several plant and fruit based products. I can eat it, I just can't put it on my face. 


The most recent thing I did was simplify what I do to my face. I forced myself to eliminate all unnecessary steps. It was extremely hard but I'm past the adjustment phase. I just asked myself what was imperative to do and i came to the conclusion that I need to 1) clean it and 2) medicate it. No more toners, or masks, or moisturizers. And now I no longer blot. I'm still oily by the end of the day, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. Since I know oily skin comes from within, I believe the reason why this is working for me is because I'm not scraping off every last skin cell anymore. So my face "appears" less oily. I'll still work on finding the internal fix, but for now, I consider this a victory. 

In Topic: Adult Acner - First Day At Work In 10 Months Tomorrow!

04 September 2013 - 09:00 PM

I can relate. I'm obsessive about the way my skin looks so you're not alone. 


You already know you need to stop picking at your face. I gave myself some pretty terrible scars and marks and while they are going away, I can't put myself through that again. You're right, it's relieving at that moment, but we all know it makes things worse in the long run. I hate to give you tips on face picking because it's better to just stop altogether, but if you're going to do it and you don't already know these tips, then do it this way. 

Steam your face well, keep your nails short and wrap your fingers in kleenex. If something doesn't come out gently on the first try, then abort! And NEVER touch cystic acne for any reason. 

But really, try not to do it at all. 


I'm 33 and have never dealt with bad acne. My main problem is oily skin, but I recently had a nasty breakout (still trying to find the cause) but I realized that my current routine had to be altered in some way. It took some experimenting and elimination but I found something that works for me, thankfully. It was hard to grasp the idea that my routine that I had done for 15 years suddenly stopped working. Or maybe it didn't, I'm not even sure yet. Once I'm done with this antibiotic gel from the doc, I'll try it again and hopefully be able to determine whether or not it was any topical things or if this was just my time to deal with adult acne. I kind of think it was brought on by too much stress and not enough sleep. 


I think identifying your skin type is key, but beyond that, knowing how your skin reacts to similar products is important.


Second thing is determining the cause. This is a horrible process but it has to be done. If you've always had acne and you generally use the same products, then something is broken. Time to fix it. Talk to Doctors, keep reading and writing on here, google the shit out of everything and make good calls for yourself. Even though it's been a bumpy road for me these last 6 months, lurking around on these boards put me on a path to healthier skin and my original reason for coming here (oily skin) is now resolved. 


Main things are: eat well, sleep well, lay off too much makeup, try to distract yourself with something else so you won't face pick and remember, we are our own worst critics and what we see 6 inches away from our mirror isn't necessarily what someone standing 3 feet from you sees. 


Maybe tell us what your current routine is and what kind of make up, if any, that you're using. Tell us your exact skin type and what products you think you need to stay away from. We are all here to help. 


There are so many great posters, but Aye Aye, Like Moonlight, Anaabil are very knowledgeable. Read up on their posts and see if something sparks an idea in your head. I can't remember the rest off the top of my head but there are about a dozen that I keep up with and they don't even know how they've helped me. My science guys are Omnivium, Jofo, and Cbiot13. These guys are sharp. Def read their posts.


Sometimes I wish there could be an Acne.org mixer so I could meet and hug the people that saved my skin. 


I work with children as well and when they make me smile, I forget, just for a little while, what my skin looks like. Nice feeling. 


Smile. You can do this. 

In Topic: Another Adult Acner!

04 September 2013 - 08:16 PM

What you're describing about the skin colored bumps is what I had when I was using jojoba oil as my moisturizer. They were itchless, painless, and everywhere. I had thought it was acne from switching up my routine but I guess I'm allergic to it. When i stopped, the rash went away within a couple weeks. 

In Topic: Should I Stop Using Bp And Go See A Derm

04 September 2013 - 07:52 PM

I've been using BP since highschool, so that's 15 years for me. I won't bother trying to stop using it again. It keeps me nearly acne free. 

And I agree with DJM204- 2.5% works better for me than the higher concentrations. I have very sensitive skin and anything higher will cause me acne/redness/peeling. A thin layer of 2.5 twice a day is perfect. 

Along with my oily, sensitive skin, I also have the unfortunate combination skin. So around my mouth it can get dry and flaky (though the flakes are soaked with oil. Still baffles me on how that works) But I just use a little less around that area and I'm good to go. Also, for years, I used BP AFTER my moisturizer. Still worked just as well, but that wiped out any drying effects. 



And this is just my personal opinion/suggestion-but I would try using a different cleanser. I think that for some, once the monster acne is better, they can cool it on using too much BP, and then it will be sort of a preventative measure instead. It sounds like your face doesn't need that much anymore. 

I use neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser. It's pretty awesome and it's the only cleanser my face will tolerate. Cleans well, feels tingly and won't aggravate my oily or my sensitive skin. Maybe give that a shot if you're up to it and see how it goes. 

In Topic: Should I Stop Using Bp And Go See A Derm

04 September 2013 - 05:29 PM

Another poster and I were just talking about this on a different thread. My skin is so reliant on BP, i can't get off of it no matter how hard I try. I just can't risk the acne that comes when I don't use it because that leaves me with scars and marks that take months to go away. 


But we're all different. If you try to stop using it, I would do it in sections and see how it goes. Maybe start with your forehead. 


For me personally, I have to use a cream cleanser with SA. I can't use one with bp, because it's overkill for my skin. Good luck. It's hard getting off of that stuff.