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Anyone Had This Kind Of Acne? (Picture)

07 May 2013 - 01:09 AM

I've never encountered anyone who has this kind of acne, so I'm hoping to meet some people who've had it and learned what was causing it! smile.png

Background: I'd had mild acne since I was 12, and had been on Dan's regimen for probably about a year with good results when I broke out in autumn of 2011, age 16.

Throughout September it looked like the worst my acne ever used to get, which was odd, because I was still on the regimen; nothing had changed.

In October, it became much worse than anything I'd ever had. I went on antibiotics, oral and topical. I think the topical helped the most. After a few months of consistent use of benzamycin, my acne was in check again (though never gone).

Now I can't afford the prescription, and the acne is back, although milder. It's only been a few weeks, so it might get back to its worst soon.

I have a pretty healthy diet. Decent amount of water, little processed stuff, mostly vegetarian, very little dairy, organic when I can swing it, tons of fruit, only whole grains, and I've even managed to curb my sweet tooth. smile.png

Oh, and I also started taking birth control pills at the same time as the antibiotics. I ceased that last December. No more synthetic hormones for me!


WHEW. That's a lot of info. Anyway, this picture is from its worst in October 2011. Any ideas what this is?