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#3349982 Anyone Had This Kind Of Acne? (Picture)

Posted by PustuleGoddess on 20 May 2013 - 12:32 AM

Honestly, you're very pretty. It was pretty hard to stop staring at your eyes, lol. On the topic, however, I'd highly recommend just getting back on prescriptions. The over-the-counter stuff is so hit or miss that it can only bring frustration. If you stick it out with prescriptions such as oral antibiotics and topicals, you'll get results over 90 percent of the time after a couple of months. 

Wow, thanks! Glad my eyeballs provided some entertainment. :) I'd really love to get my prescription back. The problem is I just switched insurance and can't see a doctor for at least a few months. ): I've had the same experience with over-the-counter junk.