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Alkaline Diet +Vitamin D

17 April 2013 - 08:26 AM

Hi!  The following is my acne story.

I was in fight with acnes for 3 years.

I tried different methods...but nothing helps.

I even had depression because of acnes.

Life was a hell to me.


Until there came a day, I read a book " The Vitamin D Cure"  , written by a doctor..

It mentions how alkaline diet and vitaminD works in beating Hypertension, DM,..and even Acnes.


Since then, I turned to a new diet.


I cut off all the sugar and salts in my diet. No cheese. No candy.

I have meat and vegetables in 1: 3 proportion.

More than 8 glasses of water/ Day

I take vitamin D 5000iu/ day.

I go sunbathing whenever it is possible.

I have 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil/ day

I use warm water to clean my face only. No chemicals.


I found my mood, appetite and sleep quality were improved in just 2 weeks since having this reigme

I started to see the result on acnes in 3 month's time (minimal outbreak only)

Now, NO more outbreak , No more depression  (9 months now).

I'm so happy with the result.

That's why Im here to share it with You.


Kind Regards,