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14 April 2013 - 06:15 AM



1stly what has struck me is the 'only water cleansing'.

for 1 mnth i had done that.(without any thinking..i just dint take good care at that point since i was so busy).

i could feel my face has this greasy upper layer..i wasnt sure that even after washing with water my face was clean.

so i wouldnt recommend it.


even i had zits/acne aftr my accutane.

later i took azithromycin 500.

am better now for a mnth.


i take zevit(prescribed by my derma)..its got vit b complex+ c + zinc sulphate.


i think u should go to a good doctor who would take care of ur gut issue and also a derma with detail of whatever u've done.

trying azithral might help.but thats for the doc to decide.


also,since u r leading a healthy life..give it some time


u think its hormonal?



Thanks for answering, Aana. I doubt I'll go back to a derm...I LEFT my last derm because she refused to believe that food allergies were causing my cystic acne. She basically accused me of being melodramatic, when in fact I was right all along. My gut issues also appear to be solved, thanks to my naturopath. So I know something else is going on, but I'm not sure what. 


I dropped face washing products because they never seem to help me. The only difference I ever noticed in my acne was from internal changes, not external. 


Hormonal could be a possibility. That's why I stopped the birth control pills - it's been about a month. I was afraid of my skin worsening, but it hasn't really. It just kinda hangs out in the same constant mild acne stage.