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#3346670 [Acne Pics] Skin Worse Than Ever, 3 Weeks On The Regimen

Posted by ask24 on 07 May 2013 - 06:56 PM

There is something internal wrong in your body, it can't be cured using only topical stuff.

check out my post 



Try altering stuff in your diet. What do you typically eat?

Are you positive that it's my diet? Is there any way to prove this?

i typically eat: Cereal in the morning, PB&J and chips for lunch, and many different things for dinner including meat, pasta, etc

I pretty much cut soda and fast food off

The root cause of many diseases is the digestive system. What you put into your body is what you get out. Some people who have crappy diets may not get acne but they may end up with another problem, like arthritis for example.


If you don't believe me, try increasing vegetables in your diet, remove bad saturated fats (like chips temporarily), yeast in bread makes some people break out as well (opt for gluten free bread). You may have an allergy to food without knowing it. 


If you think about it, people in farm areas or tribal areas have almost no acne, because they don't have junk food very accessible. 

Also consider the evolution of humans, how long have fruits and vegetables been on earth compared to chemically prepared foods? The toxic chemicals you put into your system, the body has to recover by maintaining equilibrium, so eruptions on your face could be the  first place for the toxins to be released. 


My advice is not to change everything all at once, because it will be overwhelming. Once your body detoxifies, your skin will get slightly worse and then it gets alot better. No soda and fast food is a great first step. 

Most people try to resolve their skin condition externally but its all internal, this also includes other skin disorders like eczema. 

#3342449 Tired, I Need Help (Info And Photos)

Posted by ask24 on 22 April 2013 - 01:36 PM

Check out the diet section and the success compilation thread.


Where do i find the success compilation thread?



>Let me know if it works! surprised.gif


Just bought something called Bio-E-Vitamin (which was really expensive) and it has added soy oil to it as an excipient. Do you think this would be bad to put on my skin?



Its best to do a patch test, test on small portion of the skin to see if you have senstitivty to soy. Normally ingesting soy is the problem, but I don't think topically on your skin won't do any harm. What i use is vitamin E capsules which you buy at a drug store, and I cut them open, then I mix "carrier" oil withit (which can be jojoba oil, or olive oil), it does the trick. But what you use still has Vit E, so your still good :) just apply to a small area and see what happens