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The Famous "single Needling"

20 October 2013 - 02:34 PM

Hey, guys.
So i was searching threads about single needling..
And to my suprise ALMOST EVERYONE got improvement. The ones that didnt get improvement used the WRONG TYPE of NEEDLE.

So, im wondering. Why arent people talking about it now like it was in the past?

Is anyone still using this method?

Cause im trying to follow some people who "were" using single needling and they NEVER CAME BACK.

MAYBE they did see a lot of improvement on their scars that they forgot to go to acne.org or just didnt bother.

Nose Hole?

12 October 2013 - 05:06 PM

Hey guys, have you ever wondered why nose piercings do not leave scars?
While acne and blackheads leave nasty pits.
Like WHY?!?!
I know nose piercings are deeper but they dont leave scars.

Can someone explain this or something?

We might be able to find a new scar treatment!! (LOL im being optimistic here)

Nose Bumps

11 September 2013 - 05:55 PM

Hi guys!
I know not many people get raised bumps on the nose after acne.

Can someone pls tell me a success story of someone who got rid of their nose bumps either naturally or with something.

How Much?

07 September 2013 - 02:04 PM

How much do scar treatments cost?
Scar revision?

Im in Canada so knowing the prices from North America would be extremely helpful.

Do People Notice Acne Scars?

23 August 2013 - 07:40 PM

How do people with no acne or little acne see our scars?
Do they stare at it? What do they think about it?
Are they repulsed?

Pls be honest.