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In Topic: Nose Scars

23 February 2014 - 12:38 AM

I've stopped needling my nose scars. I thought the hole was getting slightly bigger. But then, it went back to its original size after some time.
After that i stopped needling it because of too much risks.

In Topic: Ice Pick Scar On Nose Tip

11 February 2014 - 10:23 PM

Same here :/
Got numerous of those on my nose.

In Topic: Scar Success!

20 January 2014 - 04:19 PM

I really appreciate you took your time to post your results! You helped and will continue to help other people. Seriously thanks!

Don't mind the other people who keep giving off negativity, this site is full of em.

People who look for the negative will always see the negative.

Anyways, just posted here to say thanks!

In Topic: Acne In The Future

09 January 2014 - 09:29 PM

it's really tiring talking to you people because you don't follow posts and reply totally out of subject, so I won't bother anymore after this post.
@AghhNe Who said anything about football players not being focused on their looks. Do they have acne? No. Do they wear make up on the pitch? No. Period.
I told you to show me celebrities with severe or moderate acne, either you don't know what is that or you just ignored it totally. I don't care about kpop idols or whatever, they are irrelevant to the industry in comparison to the USA celebrities. You just showed me very old pictures of celebrities that had 3-4 pimples on their faces, a very long time ago, a few of them were at puberty or very close after. Not one with severe or moderate acne, just super mild acne. If you believe that celebrities that are past puberty have acne, and they just cover it up with make up, that's ok, but that doesn't mean it's true. As an example I gave you football players that don't wear make up at matches and I've seen none of them with acne. None, 0. That picture with Cristiano Ronaldo from your link is from when he had braces and he was playing for Manchester United, he was like 19-21 years old, 8+ years ago.
@Bonsai77 maybe I know more about the subject than you do, but since you outsmart everyone, why don't you find the cure for acne instead of making threads on acne.org?

Well, it wasnt you actually that i was debating with. You just came in. It wasnt football players that that we were originally talking about. I dont care about football players. The pictures/VIDEOS i showed you had models and actors FROM NORTH AMERICA and ASIA not only asia, you simply did not view it all.
The debate was about "actors do not have acne".
I was simply against it. Then you came and change the debate.
Like what bonsai said, you are the tiring one, you have a "tunnel vision". Kinda closed minded.

But really, im not interested anymore lol. Tbh.
So, watever you believe in, keep it and more power to you.
So lets go back to the subject of the original post.

In Topic: Acne In The Future

07 January 2014 - 08:07 AM

I understood that (though i don't know if there can be an ultimate, safe and effective cure for everyone) i am just wondering how much a course of accutane costs because when it comes to healthcare, everything in USA seems to be extremely expensive. But then if i remember correctly you live in Europe, don't you?


In Romania, Roaccutane - 10 mg (30 pills) = ~16$




I don't care about japanese actors or singers. I'm talking about Hollywood and USA superstars. I googled "celebrities with acne", can't find one with moderate or severe acne, so by your logic, they all cover it up with make up and photoshop. Ok smile.png How about football players, do they wear make up on the pitch? Because I haven't seen one football player with acne in the last 10 years+. Go ahead, post the pictures. And I didn't say actors don't get acne, they obviously get, but they have access to medicine that we don't have.

And I'm not supporting Accutane at all, I only said that as long as they get billions, they don't care if you get cured or not.


Probably these pictures are photoshopped too, right?




Are you serious? Have you looked at your photos?
You think this pictures didnt get photoshopped?
Dude. it's so obvious look at the lighting of the pictures, the angle, just in general the photo. Can't you tell which photo is edited and professionally done? I can already tell MOST of them HAVE MAKE UP. smile.png
Also you can tell, these actors are professionaly POSING for the camera, and that means it's a professional taking a picture... idk why you can't see that.
Also, it wasn't you who said "actors don't get acne, it was LeadingForce therefore my arguement is not for you.

Football players are not focused in looks as models and celebrities are. biggrin.png


Here are the photos of actors and idols with acne. smile.png

http://www.ohkpop.co...-with-acne.html just click the link
here is another one. http://www.antesydes...acne/#&panel1-1

This is a thread started by members who post pictures of celebrities with acne http://www.acne.org/...with-acne-pics/

THIS is a MODEL who have her own dermatologist, naturapath, and takes natural supplements etc etc. SHe demonstrates how she covers up her moderate-severe acne.

This is another Girl demonstrating the POWER of MAKEUP. SHe has THE WORST ACNE. I warn you, her acne is really severe.