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Gain Weight Diet And Acne

03 May 2013 - 03:25 PM

Good day.


Im 19 years old, college basketball player, and i was hoping you could give me some advices on how to add a few pounds with foods that wont make me break out.


I work out a lot, lifting, basketball, im a very active person.


Bad thing that i have always been on the skinny side, and after a knee injury which prevented me from playing any sports for almost a year, and eating lots of vegetables, drinking lots of water and reducing carbohydrates intake, i have dropped several pounds.


Now im trying to gain about 15 pounds to be where i was at, but it's pretty difficult since carbs are the worst enemy for acne, and fats aint good either (im trying to add pounds of muscle, nobody wants a fat point guard, i aint no Raymond Felton hahaha).


So could you give me any advice on how to add pounds with foods that are safe for acne? For example, whole wheat toasts with extra olive virgin oil, etc.


Also, if anybody knows about any threat on webpage where this topic has already been discussed, i would appreciate you to post the link.


Thanks for reading, im willing to hear your answers.