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In Topic: Gain Weight Diet And Acne

04 May 2013 - 02:46 PM

Protip: fat does not make you "fat". It's the carbs like you said. Some good sources would be animal fat, fish, avocados, olive oil, macadamia nuts, eggs. Sweet potatoes are also good for getting in those extra calories. You mostly want to up your intake of meat.

Thanks for answering


I agree with you that those food can help me getting in calories, but is there any food i could eat before practices, gym and games?


I mean, in my team, before practices, before games and before hitting the gym people eats lots of carbs, pasta, rice. Is there any food that could substitute "bad carbs". is whole wheat pasta a safe food or just less harmful for acne?


Also, do you know if whey protein shakes can make me break out? 

In Topic: Gain Weight Diet And Acne

04 May 2013 - 04:43 AM

How was your acne like prior to you getting injured? If it was low, than I suggest you just eat what you were eating prior (when you had your ideal weight).


Don't be dissing on felton!

also, what is your diet as of now?


Before the injury i had no acne, i was injuried from October 2011 to March 2012. Since i was skinny all my life, i used to eat junk food, lots of fried foods, pizzas etc and never had acne during my teenage years. When i got injuried, i lost pounds of muscle, because i had to be in a wheelchair, 0 physical activities etc, also since i   didn't exercise, i wasn't that hungry, in fact i was a lil bit deppresed, so my food intake dropped considerably.


My acne appeared on September 2012 just on the forehead, got clear thanks to topical medication, then a couple months later i started develop acne on jawline and chin ( i guess its hormonal because now im having more facial hair etc) and i changed my diet in order to help my acne.


As of now, my diet consists on lots of vegetables, salads, lots of fruits, chicken, turkey and fish. I dont eat "bad carbs" such as pasta, white bread... i also dont eat fried foods like french fries, and have no sweets, no soda, no chips etc

In Topic: Epiduo + Antibiotics Help!

02 May 2013 - 08:13 AM

Hi everyone,
I have mild acne, and I was recently prescribed epiduo and the antibiotic AKAMIN, by my doctor! It has been 11 days so far, and nothing much has changed as I still get the same amount of blemishes and such as I did before! The only problem I'm having is with the Epiduo! I know that the itching, redness, stinging and blotchiness is common, however, it has been so painful I have had to put ice on my face because it was so swollen! I generally have a high tolerance towards pain, but this is just extremely painful!! I stopped using it for 2 nights, then went back on it, but it is still causing such painful irritation! HELP!! And does anybody know when I should start seeing results? Thanks!!


I had the same problem with epiduo gel. I couldn't even sleep so in the middle of the night I would go to the bathroom to wash my face because the itching was unbearable.


My derm told me to use it one night on one night off, and to only apply it on pimples, not on big areas (sorry for my english in this last sentence)


This really helped me because epiduo dryed pimples and the rest of my skin didn't itch and didn't get red. I guess we are very sensitive to epiduo.


Other thing you could do would be to use it one day on one day off and small amounts until you feel your skin gets accustomed to it.


Good luck.