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Things That Break Me Out And Why

20 April 2015 - 12:54 PM



The following items definitely break me out, and some f them are very healthy for you. I see some connection to histamines but any insight is helpful.

I am mostly vegan with some raw goat milk homemade yogurt.


1. ACV

2. Lemon water (lemon lime squeezed in dishes is ok)

3. oranges

4. pineapples

5. conventional dairy.

6. homemade sauerkraut with cabbage garlic and seasalt.

7. some forms of honey (raw organic)

8. walnuts and pecans I am not sure.


I am really suspecting low stomach acid.But I tried ACV and sauerkraut to improve it.


I see dramatic improvements with magnesium, but I dont want to be taking it lifelong as my diet otherwise is really rich in greens etc,

(green smoothies every morning, big green salads before every meal)


Any clues. My severe acne is now mild-moderate with diet and lifestyle changes.




The D3 Dillema-Please Help

20 June 2014 - 01:31 PM



I have been on the holistic route to cure acne for over a year now. I would say I am 99% clear. I have PIH and 1-2 active acne in a month.


I noticed this, I am 100% clear if I stop D3 supplements. I break out into cystic pimples after a couple of days of taking D3. I stopped D3 for a month, I was 100% clear. I started D3 and I break out.


Then I decided to stop for good- 2 months close to porcelain clear skin, however I have an issue with my health, similar to intersitial cystitis which falres up after a few days of not taking D3.

I had this issue before I went the holistic route and was prescribed round after round of antibiotics because of suspected UTIs, which gave me cystic acne in the end and digestive issues. Anyeways cleaning up my diet made it all fine and I started taking D3 around then but I never thought it was really for IC. Actually till march this year I had absolutely no symptoms so for about 1 year and 2 months. Then I figured D3 is breaking me out so I stopped and by end of april I was having the same UTI like symptoms, the only thing I had changed was stop D3, went back on it, symptoms alleviate but acne arrives. Stopped D3 and last monday the symptoms come back. I started D3 again on Wednesday.


I read a few papers this week about how D3 helps:


adding a quote:


“Here we show that oral 25D3 supplementation prepares the bladder tissue to fight E. coli infection by increased production of cathelicidin upon bacterial contact,” report the researchers. “25D3 is locally converted to 1,25D3 in bladder epithelial cells, binds to vitamin D receptor, which leads to […] synthesis of cathelicidin.


I would much rather take acne over that(as I am sure doctors will prescribe an antibiotic as soon as they see me which I really dont want), so I go back to D3 and today is day 3 and I see a deep acne coming up, but thank God all my bladder discomfort symtoms are gone.


Is this an issue with the supplement ? I take Now foods D3 5000IU. After 6 months of supplementation my levels were 41, so I do not think I am  overdosing,.


I thought the oil in which it is suspended may have gotten rancid and ordered dry D3-swanson which is arriving today, which I plan to take wih some coconut oil for optimal absorption.


I also take a b complex by thorne research to improve my b12 levels and this seems to have no effect on acne.


I live in san diego and have atleast 35 mins of sun exposure a day, but my body just does not make enough D I guess.


Any help is appreciated, I need to take Vitamin D but need to figure out how.

Magnesium Supplements And Vit D

25 March 2014 - 02:01 PM



 after taking 5000IU of Vit D for 8 months and still my number was at 41, I decided to up it to 10000IU.

After a week of increasing the dosage I started breaking out like I had 5-6 active acne at any given time. This from being almost clear. At the most 1-2 acne around my period. I thought it was around my period and tried not to stress out too much about it. Now its been about 10 days since my period and I am still breaking out. I have decided to go back to 5000IU vit D. THis week I am not taking any at all. Next week will start taking 5000IUs. My diet has not changed at all.


I then read about how Vitamin D supplementation in excess can cause magnesium deficiency, which can cause acne and a myriad of other symptoms. Some say vit d supplementation also unmasks the magnesium deficiency.

I do have a few hours of discomfort during my period..not too bad but it is there.

I am going to start supplementing magnesium from Saturday. Chelated magnesium glycinate from vitacost.

I am hoping this is the last missing piece in the puzzle


I have regular comfortable bowel movements every morning as soon as I wake up and would like to keep it like that. I have heard magnesium can give you loose motions. I do not want that. How much do you think I should supplement and when should I take that?





5000 Iu Vit D Supplemented Daily From June Last Year..still Low

07 February 2014 - 04:00 PM



I went to get my Vit D levels tested this week. I am brown skinned. I walk at about 12pm everyday for 30mins around a canyon behind my workplace and also supplement with the Now Brand 5000IU Vit D3.

After 7 months of supplementation my number is 41!!


Before that I took 3 months of weekly Vitamin D2 and it raised my Vit D levels from 13 to 51.


Should I bump it up to 10000IUs. By the way I live in San Diego..I wonder why I am so deficient!!



Some Questions

07 January 2014 - 07:39 PM



Its been about 9 months since I started the holistic route. I am about 95% clear now. 

There are weeks where my skin is absolutely flawless. But at other times it is not clear. I did cheat around thanksgiving with eating desserts on the indian new year, and I cheated repeatedly for few days. December was payback time and I got 4 inflamed pimples. Typically I seem to be getting 1 or 2 inflamed acne at the most in a month, which is much better than my 50 active ones at one time which were deep and painful.


I identified citrus as an acne trigger  for me. However last month between moving homes (will get a cooktop in my new home only this weekend)and travelling , I have had to eat out for almost 20 days now (From Dec18th). Though I eat healthy still, I am not able to be as strictly as I want to about lemons, limes other citrus being used in some food. I am getting minor breakouts, though they seem to heal quickly. Is there something I can do about this? 


Also I have quite a bit of peach fuzz on my face, so I wax it. Threading is an absolute no for me as I really breakout bad. But with waxing  I seem to get some small whiteheads which last couple of days and go.

Anything I can do about it?


I use an AHA cleanser at night and wash my face in the morning in the shower with just water. 

I follow a strict routine of going to bed by 10pm and awake at 6:30am. Did the travelling which was a time shift by few hours upset my cycle? 


I pretty much drink only water and herbal teas. 


follow a strict lotsa veggies and fruits diet, with rice, lentils, veggies in 1 of 3 meals, oats/lentils/ greens in one meal, and one meal with only lentils and veggies.


I snack on almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates.


Only dairy I consume is homemmade raw goat milk yogurt.


I  walk for about 40-45 mins a day.




I really want to go from 95%clear to 100% clear. But I dont know what should I change up.