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#3449096 Organic "green" Diet And Cystic Acne

Posted by sustakp on 26 August 2014 - 11:39 AM



I will answer your last question.

After I changed my diet, I was very strict the first few months no sugar at all, no dairy and low GI meals. Sleep cycle and stress are very important for me. I started going to bed at 10 and waking up at around 6 am. I would say I had 80-90% improvement in the first 3 months. PLus my digestion improved alot. My acne was very managable and I did not feel like I cant see people without make up. No cystic acne as soon as I discovered my intolerances towards citrus and eggs. I still breakout once in a while if I cheat (conventional dairy- while eating out-being indian a lot of food cooked in my friends and family's homes is made in ghee/butter/yogurt or desserts).


There are times when I am absolutely clear for 2-3 weeks and breakout a little around my period. May be 1 or 2 acne, but it is so much better. I also wax facial hair, as I am brown skinned with dark hair which is visible, and may get few tiny bumps a few days after waxing.  I had acne which was bad enough, that the only derm I saw in the US prescribed me antibiotics and told me if there is no improvement in the next 2 months he would start me on accutane.




It has been around 15 months since I started the holistic path and other than acne I feel this lifestyle has helped me be more energetic and efficient at work, home and people say I look much happier. I still make baby steps towards improving my life daily, like doing yoga, (started in the last few months) and try to eat healthier, by beeing innovative with new recipes. I would say I am clear 95% of the times. The last stretch seems a little difficult but I am learning to deal and not fret about it. Like alternativista told me only we are so critical about our own acne. Noone else notices it as much.


I love bananas and though I dont eat them alone, they are amazing in green smoothies(low GI). And I may add a small potato to a vegetable soup, but make sure you are eating a salad or lots of veggies with it. Give those a shot.:)

#3434796 No-Shampoo Methods & Benefits

Posted by sustakp on 04 June 2014 - 11:55 AM

I know in the US people obsess about squeaky clean hair.

In India, I have seen women with long lustrous black thick hair and wash just once a week.

I for one, growing up had very thick hair, it is curly though, and had never used shampoo till I was about 15. Once a week my mom would give me a coconut oil massage , I would leave the oil on my hair for about1-2 hours and wash off with a paste of gram flour.


But then I went to college and was swimming competitively, so I started shampooing regularly to get the chlorine off, I lost a ton of hair.


I have gone back to oiling my hair with coconut oil once a week and using a silicon free shampoo and for 5 days out of 7 my hair looks good.


I do not use soaps to take a shower, I sometimes use it on my feet and underarms as I tend to get sweaty there, but this is rare.

#3380465 Finally Found It! Citrus I Hate You!

Posted by sustakp on 04 September 2013 - 08:03 PM



So I have been eating an extremely clean diet for about 5 months..I was still getting the ocassional big bump.

I methodically eliminated, dairy, gluten , nightshades and also citrus.

I can have raw dairy (usually fermented with no issues).

I dont consume much but can have gluten without issues.

I can have peppers and potatoes without issues, but not tomatoes. They break me out on my cheeks.


Pineapples and oranges give me cysts.


I ate some pineapples yesterday and can feel deep cysts forming undernneath, though not nearly as inflamed as I used to get back in March, they are big and it really looks like an eyesore as my skin had started clearing up very nicely. 


I hope it goes away soon without leaving scars my orange comsumption left me with..I know this has been mentioned many times but citrus is a possible allergen. Please please check for it. And my allergy tests do not say I am allergic to citrus.



#3346957 Drink Recipes

Posted by sustakp on 08 May 2013 - 03:15 PM

Cumin Corriander fennel tea:


This is something which would be made 4-5 times a week at home when I was in India. My Mom would make a lot and we would drink it through the day. It helps with digestion. 

I recently started having it again, so here goes:


1 quart of water,1 teaspoon of cumin seed.1 teaspoon of fennel seeds,1 teaspoon of coriander seeds

I buy all the seeds from the Indian store.


Place all the ingredients in a pot and simmer for fifteen minutes. After it has cooled off discard the herbs and store the tea in a thermos. I sip on it through the day at work. I switch between this and the ginger turmeric tea vista posted earlier.



Cool Basil seeds drink:

This is specially good for people who eat spicy food, in India they say it cools off your stomach and also help in digestion.  I have it before I go to bed.

Half teaspoon of basil seeds (takmaria/sabja in indian store) in a glass of water. I usually add it to slightly warm water. Leave it for ten mins. It will plump up into a gelatinous mass. Drink it..:)