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#3488797 Salt Link To Acne?

Posted by sustakp on 21 July 2015 - 06:07 PM

Be careful...:) I had really clear skin on a diet high in veggies and fruits and very little salt, but I was killing my adrenals...as my sodium potassium ratio was off ...please be careful...getting my adrenals up again is taking me a lot of work...and acne is nothing compared to going through adrenal fatigue..

Hello everyone!
I tried to find a topic about salt but couldn't find anything recent or that interesting.
I was wondering if any of you found that eating salt was a trigger food or made your acne worse? Or has anyone ever read about it?
My skin hasn't been too bad this past year as I eat better and went on accutane but it's been flaring up again lately and I wondered if salt might be the culprit (I'm not saying it is though, just looking into it).
Thank you

#3485631 Any Clue? I Think I'm Getting Somewhere

Posted by sustakp on 24 June 2015 - 12:37 PM

If iodine is actually causing acne it is bromide detox. Your body needs iodine. It is needed for apostasis. Prevents cancer and good hormone function. For women after thyroid, your breast and ovaries also need iodine. Two very interesting books on this :The iodine crisis by Lynn Farrow and Iodine and why you need it by dr david brownstein.

Iodine also helps balancce out hormones, but due to us getting bombarded with other halides (bromide and fluoride) we detox when you start taking iodine.

Also as you have some thyroid issues I would recommend reading Dr Brownstein's work. Dr Jorge Flechas is another iodine doctor still practicing.

#3483099 Which B Vitamins Can Cause Breakouts?

Posted by sustakp on 02 June 2015 - 05:31 PM

b12 breaks me out...look into histamine intolerance if b vitamins are breaking you out. 

#3479500 Things That Break Me Out And Why

Posted by sustakp on 30 April 2015 - 01:08 PM

Thanks TreatAcne for your detailed post. I am very against supplementing if not needed. The only 2 supplements I worry about are VitD and B12. I am brown skinned and my absorption of D is much lesser due to that. I live in San Diego and take walks /run around the canyon behind my workplace every afternoon to help. I do not take D regularly unless I really have not got much sun, 

But B12 is what really worries me. I was at the lower end during my last physical, around 300 and had dropped from 500 plus 2 years back(when I became almost vegan). I have been a vegetarian all my life(dairy and eggs earlier).

I wake up at around 6:15am and in bed by 10pm. Latest by 11pm.

My diet is as follows:
  1. green smoothies
  2. some old fashioned oatmeal if hungry
  3. almonds (5-6), brazil nuts(2) pumpkin seeds and 1 date.
  4. lunch green salad, lentils , brown rice and cooked veggies.
  5. fruit(usually 1 pear) and maybe some home made goat milk yogurt.
  6. dinner -green salad and beans soup.
If I follow the diet above I have no breakouts. I add in a supplement for b12 I break out. I eat any of the triggers mentioned above I break out. Being brown my hyperpigmentation scars linger forever. So even if I am clear for a while I do not look clear...:P

I can avoid all the triggers above but I really worry about my b12 levels.

I will go through all the links you posted.

Thanks once again


#3449096 Organic "green" Diet And Cystic Acne

Posted by sustakp on 26 August 2014 - 11:39 AM



I will answer your last question.

After I changed my diet, I was very strict the first few months no sugar at all, no dairy and low GI meals. Sleep cycle and stress are very important for me. I started going to bed at 10 and waking up at around 6 am. I would say I had 80-90% improvement in the first 3 months. PLus my digestion improved alot. My acne was very managable and I did not feel like I cant see people without make up. No cystic acne as soon as I discovered my intolerances towards citrus and eggs. I still breakout once in a while if I cheat (conventional dairy- while eating out-being indian a lot of food cooked in my friends and family's homes is made in ghee/butter/yogurt or desserts).


There are times when I am absolutely clear for 2-3 weeks and breakout a little around my period. May be 1 or 2 acne, but it is so much better. I also wax facial hair, as I am brown skinned with dark hair which is visible, and may get few tiny bumps a few days after waxing.  I had acne which was bad enough, that the only derm I saw in the US prescribed me antibiotics and told me if there is no improvement in the next 2 months he would start me on accutane.




It has been around 15 months since I started the holistic path and other than acne I feel this lifestyle has helped me be more energetic and efficient at work, home and people say I look much happier. I still make baby steps towards improving my life daily, like doing yoga, (started in the last few months) and try to eat healthier, by beeing innovative with new recipes. I would say I am clear 95% of the times. The last stretch seems a little difficult but I am learning to deal and not fret about it. Like alternativista told me only we are so critical about our own acne. Noone else notices it as much.


I love bananas and though I dont eat them alone, they are amazing in green smoothies(low GI). And I may add a small potato to a vegetable soup, but make sure you are eating a salad or lots of veggies with it. Give those a shot.:)

#3434796 No-Shampoo Methods & Benefits

Posted by sustakp on 04 June 2014 - 11:55 AM

I know in the US people obsess about squeaky clean hair.

In India, I have seen women with long lustrous black thick hair and wash just once a week.

I for one, growing up had very thick hair, it is curly though, and had never used shampoo till I was about 15. Once a week my mom would give me a coconut oil massage , I would leave the oil on my hair for about1-2 hours and wash off with a paste of gram flour.


But then I went to college and was swimming competitively, so I started shampooing regularly to get the chlorine off, I lost a ton of hair.


I have gone back to oiling my hair with coconut oil once a week and using a silicon free shampoo and for 5 days out of 7 my hair looks good.


I do not use soaps to take a shower, I sometimes use it on my feet and underarms as I tend to get sweaty there, but this is rare.

#3380465 Finally Found It! Citrus I Hate You!

Posted by sustakp on 04 September 2013 - 08:03 PM



So I have been eating an extremely clean diet for about 5 months..I was still getting the ocassional big bump.

I methodically eliminated, dairy, gluten , nightshades and also citrus.

I can have raw dairy (usually fermented with no issues).

I dont consume much but can have gluten without issues.

I can have peppers and potatoes without issues, but not tomatoes. They break me out on my cheeks.


Pineapples and oranges give me cysts.


I ate some pineapples yesterday and can feel deep cysts forming undernneath, though not nearly as inflamed as I used to get back in March, they are big and it really looks like an eyesore as my skin had started clearing up very nicely. 


I hope it goes away soon without leaving scars my orange comsumption left me with..I know this has been mentioned many times but citrus is a possible allergen. Please please check for it. And my allergy tests do not say I am allergic to citrus.