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maplesyrupmama's Blog > Week 8

Posted 28 May 2013

Just a quick update but there really is nothing to tell. Still no new spots in 3 weeks... carrying on with using UltraClear (have not been using BP), plus vitamin D3 supplement and (what I think is the main reason I am staying clear)...very little dairy. Also, I am loving the AHA lotion, it makes my skin feel so smooth!Despite no new spots, I am still wor...

maplesyrupmama's Blog > Week 7 (Day 42)

Posted 21 May 2013

From here on in, I am hoping to have very little to report as it's been 2 weeks since I've had a new spot and my skin appears to be getting clearer by the day.  I have to admit that I am still living in a little bit of fear that that could change any day now.... but for the moment, all is good. http://www.acne.org/...le_emoticons...

maplesyrupmama's Blog > Day 40

Posted 19 May 2013

12 days and no new spots - amazing!  The last two spots are no longer visible under makeup; they're almost completely flat, but there is still some redness and I've also got redness from the spot that started on what, Day 9? http://www.acne.org/...ult/saywhat.gif  No matter, I am fee...

maplesyrupmama's Blog > Day 37

Posted 16 May 2013

9 days and still no new spots. The cyst from 9 days ago is nearly flattened as is the one from 2.5 weeks ago (which was much bigger). I did actually wake up with a teeny tiny whitehead this morning, but it was so small, not even worth mentioning, really. Apart from a bit of redness from previous spots, my skin is now nearly clear.However, it could all cha...

maplesyrupmama's Blog > Day 35

Posted 14 May 2013

I'm starting to suspect that milk/dairy was the culprit. I have eaten very little dairy in the past 35 days, just a little bit of milk to wet my small bowl of cereal at breakfast. When I had my horrendous breakout in December & January, I was eating a lot of yogurt. And though I has no breakouts whilst taking antibiotics through February and March and...