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#3343343 Reasons Not To Pick

Posted by thatwillnotfly on 25 April 2013 - 05:20 PM

I decided a couple of days ago to make a commitment not to pick at my skin anymore. And as I was thinking through how to do that, I wrote down all of the reasons that drive me toward picking at my skin. And then I wrote rebuttals to them. I posted them on my blog, but I wanted to share them here, too. Getting through these last couple of days has been torture, because I have a couple of picked-at spots that are scabbing over and irritating me to no end. So here are the thoughts that drive me to pick, and my reasons for rejecting them, as I would articulate them today. 

  • Clear skin is beautiful, and acne is disgusting--if my face has acne, then I am disgusting
    • Clear skin is pain-free and healthy, but a person's value is not determined by the health of his or her skin. Acne is irritating and can be painful, and it is very hard to get rid of, but this does not make it disgusting. It is just what it is. I can choose to set aside my revulsion, and reserve my energy for other things.
  • Acne is a punishment for not doing everything right
    • I am not perfect, but I do not deserve my acne. No, not even if I choose to have bangs, or eat a cookie, or even if I pick at my face. These things do not make me a bad person, and acne is not a punishment for doing them, even if these things increase my risk of breaking out.
  • It’s not fair that I get acne, because I try so hard
    • It's not fair, but life is not fair. I am still responsible for trying my best. (But this is all I am responsible for. I am not responsible for being perfect, or for the fact that I have acne.)
  • If I leave it alone, it’s never going to get better
    • Yes, it will. It won't get better immediately, or even tomorrow, but it will get better in the long run. I must be patient, and I must make the decision to be patient over and over and over again.
  • If I succeed in picking at it, then it’s better immediately
    • This is an illusion, akin to drinking sea water or paying for something I can't afford using a credit card with a very high interest rate. It's going to cost more in the long run.
  • I deserve to be ashamed of the picked wounds I cause
    • There is no shame in not being perfect. If I picked at my skin, I need to let it go. I can choose to do better, from this moment forward, and this is the only thing I can do .
  • I am destined to pick at my skin
    • No, I'm not. The end.