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HighschoolDxDfan01's Blog > Raw Honey And Doxycycline .

Posted 04 June 2013

I bit the bullet and decided to get on antibiotics. I am currently on day 5 of 100 mg twice daily doxy. I also ordered a jar of raw honey to experiment with as a face wash as I am really tired of drying my face to no end with bp. Honesty I can say that that I think the doxy is working , not a huge improvement but indlamation is definitely down . I can't t...

HighschoolDxDfan01's Blog > Literally Tried Everything But Accutane And Chemical Peels.

Posted 09 April 2013

First i would like to start off by saying that i am a health person. I do not smoke do drugs or drink hardly at all. I eat right minus some exceptions as i am 21 and kind of struggling as i make 8 dollars an hour and live on my own, but for the most part my diet consists of Fruit and veggies, but all in all i have noticed ( because i went 3 months without...