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Dermaroller success forums?

05 March 2008 - 06:30 AM

hi i am a veteran on this board. i post alot of acne or scars in the past.  I have undergo my first dermaroller last 2 days on rolling scars?who people here has a improvement of dermaroller..This dermaroller i am quite skeptical about this device.  In order to know there has some improvement. First or before treatment, go to your own room.turn off the light.Face in the mirror and use a flashlight in front of the mirror, there you can see that your scars are indent by using a flashligh and put off the lights? well people did you see really an improvement on dermaroller with using a flash light by looking in the mirror that scars have levelled up?this is the best way to know by using a flashlight whether scars have surfaced or still indent.