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#3359221 I Have Decided To Do An Experiment. Subcision/fillers/needling

Posted by NUBY3 on 18 June 2013 - 08:10 PM

so far, it works amazingly.  The scars I did this to are literally disappearing.  I had a large, round, deep ice pick near my nose.  It was large enough to have two hairs sticking out of it like goalposts and deep enough that I couldn't see the bottom.  It's filled in at LEAST 80%.  maybe 90%.  and there is a tiny new pore forming in the skin that is filling it in.  Combination of needling, TCA CROSS, some subcision, and some fillers with individual needling on top.  seeing major improvements in my scarring.  It is possible.  it really is, I believe it.  but it takes a long time.

#3351956 Living Life When Life Is Unliveable

Posted by NUBY3 on 25 May 2013 - 07:03 PM

Yeah, I hear what you girls are saying, I was actually not nearly as bad off when I took those photos.  Since those photos, I've added some new scar problems to the mix, and to be honest, I could live with the rest of it if I did not have these two new scars.  They are from ingrown hairs that kept forming in the same spot.  one of them made a crazy raised scar, and the other one left me with a gash.  These two were the nails in my coffin.  The right side of my face has had it.  there really isn't much wrong with the left.  Running is the only thing that rids me of my anxiety.  I have been running for 8 years now, and training for 4.  I have run 8 full marathons in the last 4 years, and 7 in the last 3.  In 2010, I ran 3 full marathons in 2 months.  I have done all of this with the intention of doing a big run to try and help some people, and now I am training to run across the state of Texas next winter to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  I got my scarring from breakouts while training.  I wanted to do something good, and paid the price for it.  It's really hard to understand, honestly, why.  5 years ago, I had nearly flawless skin.  I wish I could go back.


it hurts a lot.  I look at photos of myself a couple of years ago, and see my smooth skin, and see the smile on my face, and it crushes me.  


Hey man, just wanted to chime in here too. I know exactly how you feel. I've been told by a lot of people "oh you barely have acne, you barely have scars, you're a decent looking guy etc etc...you could easily get a girlfriend if you want" and as much as I appreciate those comments, it's very hard for anyone to understand what it's like for a guy with acne/scars unless you're a guy with acne/scars. And what I mean by that is I think it's generally perceived that guys can still be attractive with scars and things of that nature...but here's the kicker. We don't want these scars! We don't feel attractive with these scars even if other people find us attractive with these scars. It's so hard to explain what it's like but I feel like you're hitting on most of the points on how I usually feel about my skin perfectly.


Just want you to know that I understand how much it hurts and I know exactly where you're coming from. I wish you all the best.


exactly.  thanks, man.  and thank you everyone for the support.  this forum maybe saved my life.  the only reason I continue this battle every day is because of the support of the people in this forum.  you are all amazing people.  acne scars, or acne, severe, moderate, mild, or whatever, I love you guys.

#3351704 Did I Get The Right Dr Chu?

Posted by NUBY3 on 24 May 2013 - 08:01 PM

this is my favorite post ever

#3350262 I Have Decided To Do An Experiment. Subcision/fillers/needling

Posted by NUBY3 on 20 May 2013 - 05:23 PM

Okay, so the last day of April, I had some subcision done to some of my scars to make room for fillers.  One boxcar, and a few ice picks, and one scar from where I got a bit aggressive digging out an ingrown hair that left a nice gash for me.  The doctor put in some fillers that didn't make the scars completely level, but did bring them up quite a bit, much closer to skin level than before.  So, I had done some reading in past forums, and one lady had said that her scars had continued to improve each time she had gotten fillers done.  Each time she went back to get the temporary fillers replaced, the doctor had less filling to do.  She attributed it to needling her scars with the fillers in about 4 months post fill.  So, that got me thinking.  Perhaps I could needle the filled scars, and slowly replace the fill with my own collagen.  Seeing as how the filled scars being nearly skin level but not quite didn't change anything for me, I figured it's worth a try, nothing to lose, no real risk.  I asked the doc, and they said that I should go around the filled scars with the needling, but only because it could dissipate the fillers more quickly.  So I single needled a couple of the filled ice picks the other night, and I think I'm gonna get a nice improvement out of it by the looks of it.  Perhaps this could be a way to speed up the process and help it along.  Just wanted to let you peeps know I was trying this, I'll let you know how it turns out.

#3349153 Hope And Information For Scar Healing From An Attack Victim

Posted by NUBY3 on 16 May 2013 - 10:26 PM

Yes!  All or at least most of the advice you are giving me is what I have already been doing.  I AM NOT doing another TCA cross for a while at least.  Honestly, after the initial one and continued improvement from the needling, there are only 2 or 3 scars I would even cross again, the rest I believe are best treated using the needling.  I have decided to stick with the needling for now, and then let things heal.  The link helped you, that's great!!  It helped me a great deal as well.  I have a drawer full of really great topicals that I rotate and use at different times.  I didn't realize it, but the copper peptide/EGF serum I use also has beta glucan in it.  I am very glad though that I ordered the liquid beta glucan by itself, because the amount of beta glucan in my copper peptide/EGF serum is probably not much, and I am very interested to see how much difference it makes.  It feels really good on the skin.  Thanks again, and good luck!!!!

#3348877 Hope And Information For Scar Healing From An Attack Victim

Posted by NUBY3 on 15 May 2013 - 08:44 PM

yep.  just did an extensive individual needling session with diabetic lancets, added a vitamin c/hyaluronic acid serum, copper peptides with EGF, and finally liquid beta glucan.  I ate spring rolls for dinner and strawberries, blackberries and blueberries for dessert.  here's to healing!  hopefully the needling does some good.  I have just started doing the individual needling recently, and after doing a few tests this was my first full face attempt.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience with all of the small scars I have.  Especially on my forehead.

#3347925 Just One Bad Day Breaks Me Apart

Posted by NUBY3 on 12 May 2013 - 12:48 PM

dude.  I relate to you so much.  I feel like this has ruined my life.  I'm afraid I will never be the same again.  I'm having a really bad day today too.  Feeling really bad about myself.  I have been having thoughts of "what's the point, it's never gonna get any better".  2 years ago I felt so confident and excited about my future, and now I feel like there is no future.  I'm really having a hard time right now.  I know just how you feel.  I have this new job offer, but now I'm stressed out about having to meet new people and having my face all screwed up.  The current ingrown hair problem is not helping.  I keep reading the scar treatment forums but basically I'm stuck like this I think.  maybe I can make it better, but I'm a perfectionist, and I'll never be happy with the improvements I make.  I used to be a ridiculously happy, smiling, laughing, joking, positive person.  now i hardly ever even crack a smile.  I think about suicide too, and it makes me afraid.  I'm talented, and intelligent, and I used to be funny, but now that my skin is messed up, I feel like I lost everything.  I feel like not even the same person any more.  I want a girlfriend so much, but I'm so insecure now, I don't even think I could have one and function properly in the relationship.  I'm so effed up.  I'm afraid I am doomed to live life alone and I don't want to.

#3346380 Barely Hangin On

Posted by NUBY3 on 06 May 2013 - 07:38 PM

I don't know you but I relate to you and I love you.  Take it easy buddy.  I am in a similar situation.  Every time I overcome something, it's another more difficult thing for me to overcome.  What I am trying to realize myself right now, at the age of 32, is that you don't need anyone else or anyone else's approval to be happy.  Here I am, having felt suicidal myself just earlier this morning, giving you advice about not feeling that way.  HA!  I am battling as well my friend, and I have a similar story to yours, as I too was bullied and alienated and friendless when I was in school.  I graduated with no friends.  I have suffered my entire life with no self esteem and no confidence, and when I decided to do something about it, I began running marathons and training hard to become an athlete.  I decided that I would attempt to run across the state of Texas, and just when I was feeling reallllly good about myself, I too broke out in cystic acne and was left scarred by it and now I am dealing with that.  So, you are not alone my friend.  The best advice I can give you is not to do more damage to yourself than is already being done.  NO CUTTING.  you will regret it down the road.  Find ways to become healthy.  The biggest causes of acne are food allergies and hormones.  Take saw palmetto and drink spearmint tea.  stop eating dairy.  Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and see if it helps.  Work on your problems in healthy ways, like you already have, and realize that it is really you who is better for overcoming such great obstacles.  We can do this buddy.  You and me.  We are both fighting the same battle right now.  Let's hang in there together.

#3345802 Hope And Information For Scar Healing From An Attack Victim

Posted by NUBY3 on 04 May 2013 - 06:36 PM

Hey NUBY3,

Sounds like you are on the road to recovery as you're doing all the right things...it takes time...stay positive ....btw, I bought beta glucan from NewDirections.com.au along with hyaluronic acid as a topical...I've used both for a few days now and it's made a major difference to my skin. I acquired a few new scars because I was VERY silly recently...my skin texture had been looking really good lately, mainly from Retin- A/ Steiva A (but my forehead still has evidence of DNA damage/ skin cell atrophy)...so I tried to amp-up my skin treatments i.e. I used Retin A, then skin rolled with a derma roller, and then applied glycolic acid 35%...BAD MISTAKE!!! My skin blistered/ burned and I got lots of scabs...really bad!!! I have been on damage control for 3 weeks, applying one or a combination of the following: copper peptides, skin needling (using a single very small needle on new crevices) with vitamin e, and a little tea tree oil (good for burns). However, what really helped my skin these past few weeks was a thin film of manuka honey (UMF active factor 10+) with pure extra virgin olive oil. This mixture is filled with nutrients that the skin loves...it helped my skin go from a catastrophe to managable skin damage. But it's taken 3 weeks of hardly washing and constant skin applications to get me looking "human" again!!! (Please take heed anyone reading this....go SLOOOOOWWWWWW, be patient and gentle with your skin).

I've now added hyaluronic acid with beta glucan (a tiny bit of Retin A on the new scars) and it has really helped the redness/ new scars. I'm now not freaking out like I did a few weeks ago. So, let me say, if my skin can recover greatly from that major skin disaster, then everyone's skin is capable of healing!!! However, I have been taking extra vitamins/ minerals, supergreens (chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass) and eating healthy meals/ lots of salads which have helped too.

NUBY3, you might find this info helpful too: I have read elsewhere that hyaluronic acid supplements are useful for skin damage/ scars and so too Beta- 1 Glucan D. I think I'll try them too. I really don't want to use laser, I've read too many negative things about them. However, I don't have acne to reckon with anymore. I "cured" my acne with (a mostly raw, organic, non-GMO, fully nutritious) vegan diet. It's the damage from years of using toxic acne products (including BP) that I'm addressing now. My face has healed, but my forehead is still work in progress...but I've improved my forehead 80% from what it had been...and believe me it was severe mottled/ damaged skin.

So, please, take heart, if I can heal my skin, YOU WILL TOO. Be patient. I know it sucks, I know it's heartbreaking at times. And the days when you feel really down, go to sleep early. And try something new or research more methods the next day. 

Lastly, I came across these websites that might offer you helpful advice re active ingredients and products:




If you're still still feeling down, maybe you should speak to a counseller (just don't take any toxic pharmaceuticals). They should be helpful and give you emotional support and coping tools. Also, you might want to read "The Road Less Travelled" by Dr Scott Peck. Affirmations are good too. Basically, you need to flood your brain with positive, empowering thoughts or calmness. Have you tried sound or white noise therapy like the sound of waves along beaches or rainforest birds etc?? I enjoy listening to these natural sounds when I feel overwhelmed or negative. It balances me and improves my mood. Yoga is also helpful for the body, mind and soul. You can also see www.thewellnesswarrior.com.au for more inspiration on living healthy.

Take care, Peace

YES.  I AM DOING BETTER.  Thank you.  I have not changed anything.  I'm already taking hyaluronic acid spplements and I went to see a plastic surgeon and aesthetician on April 30th.  the PS did some subcision and put in some fillers and I'm waiting for it to heal right now, but so far it looks good.  The subcision really helped release the pitting in my cheek, and the fillers helped a lot too, from what I can tell.  (still a bit swollen/bruised)  I go back on the 14th.  I was really afraid I had just wasted my money right after I did it, but now I'm really glad I went.  They gave me tretinoin cream and I'm gonna start on it tonight.  She said every 3rd night to start off, I'm gonna be cautious with it.  I do all the things you said.  I eat LOADS of fresh raw fruits and veggies, (2-4 bananas and 2-4 oranges a day and I eat a lot of strawberries and blackberries and blueberries) lots of spinach and lettuce, I do a spoonfull or two of raw organic honey jarred straight out of the hive, which is supposed to be really good for you, and I'm doing all of the supplements.  Hyaluronic acid, lots of vitamin c, zinc, alpha lipoic acid, proline, acai extract, vtamin a, vitamin d3, vitamin e, serrapeptase, lysine, digestive enzymes (with beta glucanase), msm, saw palmetto, I do a shot of organic wheatgrass/barleygrass/chlorella/kelp/spirulina every day.  I am committed to making my skin better.  I am working awfully hard on it.  It's not just the scars. I have problem skin in my opinion.  I always am getting lots of blackheads on my forehead and nose and certain parts of my cheeks, and lots of whiteheads.  and I am always getting pimples, although not large breakouts, but just a few here and there but not cystic ones.  But I'm sick of it.  I'm 32.  And my skin has a really rough, bumpy texture.  and I'm sick of it.  I have little tiny scars all over.  I only have a couple of scars that are large, and even those are pretty shallow, but I have enlarged pores and scarred pores and tiny little scars and ice picks all over and it drives me nuts.  I'm hoping I can smooth things out.  I'm hoping they can help me get rid of my acne.  Diet is not doing it for me.  I am an athlete, which doesn't help things at all, but seriously.  I train with guys that have clear skin so I don't see why I shouldn't.  Thank you for your help.  I feel like I am starting to do better about the anxiety and stuff.  It's not gone but I can feel it's grip loosening finally.  THANK YOU SO MUCH  and I am glad to hear your skin is doing okay after your mistake.  BE CAREFUL.  smile.png  GOOD LUCK!!!  take care of yourself.  we will win our battles.  we just have to hang in there and stay faithful.

#3345198 Had Subcision With Dermal Fillers Today. Lumpy Face

Posted by NUBY3 on 02 May 2013 - 07:39 PM

befores and afters.  I have these little sharp shallow picks and gashes.  really annoying.  I did a tca cross which did soften them up, I mainly saw the doctor to find out what he could do about the two at the bottom.  I was gonna just have em cut out but he said he thought he could fill them.

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#3344061 How Long Before Improvement From Needling Shows?

Posted by NUBY3 on 29 April 2013 - 06:18 AM

what did you needle with?  how aggressive were you?  what type of scars did you needle?  it will take months to see improvements.  I have seen a lot of improvement in 5 months but what you eat and what supplements you take and what you put on your face after you roll is a huge part of it.


by the way, when I say a lot of improvement, I don't mean my scars are gone.  just that they have obviously gotten better/softer/shallower.  I still have a long long way to go.

#3343494 Hope And Information For Scar Healing From An Attack Victim

Posted by NUBY3 on 26 April 2013 - 08:57 AM

thank you for your help.  I am trying hard, I have already been involved in good causes, even before my scarring.  I am training to run across the state of Texas next winter to raise money for the Boston Marathon victims, we hadn't decided what we were running for yet until that happened.  I think we are going to try to raise money for that.  But I already had that in my life, and it's not really helping me to feel good about myself, to be honest.  I wish it was.  I understand that there are people with worse problems and all that, but I still can't make my anxiety go away.  I miss feeling happy and being excited about my future, which is how I felt 2 years ago.  Now I am afraid I will be grunting my way through life from now on.  I have had so much to deal with in my life, I was hoping for one day it to come to an end, and as I was working hard to become happy, I have been made miserable again.  I'm so afraid of more acne breakouts and more scarring, that's impacting my life as well.  The first thing I do in the morning is start worrying about my face.  I just want to be normal again, and have fun and laugh and smile and not be afraid to be seen by my friends and girls and stuff.  I don't know what I am going to do.  depression is taking over my life and I know if I give in to it too much, it's only going to perpetuate it and make it worse, but it's sooo hard.  I had a marijuana problem in the past, and I'm trying everything I can to avoid turning back to that sort of thing because I know it will not lead me to true happiness, only a way to cope with sadness, and I don't want to do that.  thanks again.  you took a lot of time to write all of that and try to help me and I appreciate it a great deal.

#3343413 Tca Cross Attempt - Worried - Help

Posted by NUBY3 on 25 April 2013 - 09:47 PM

THANKS FOR YOUR SHARING. I am planing to go for tca cross too. Your experience is a great help to me.

No problem.  be careful not to get the TCA on healthy skin, if you have a wide scar, you can kind of paint the bottom of the scar with the tca, but make sure not to let it fill the scars up at all.  just enough to serve as a "thin coat of paint" on the bottom of the scar, and if it gets on the walls of the scar, that's fine too, but do not "fill the scars up".  judge the strength of your burn by the length of time the scars stay frosted.  if they quickly lose the frost, put a tiny bit more on.  the frost should last about 30 minutes.  if it's gone after 10 or 15, put a tad bit more.  if it's more than 45 or closer to an hour, you put too much.  more than an hour and you burned yourself in my opinion.  this worked for me, and don't worry, a little goes a long way.  it will make your scars look worse.  for days 3-5 they will look like someone burned you all over your face with a cigarette.  some of them, you'll worry if they have been made wider, but after 2 weeks the real results begin to take shape.  I am 3 days from the end of my third week post treatment and the scars are still closing up and getting better.  weeks 3 and 4 appear to be the best weeks for results from the treatment.  during week 2 I still worried for a few of the smaller scars I treated.  now they all look great.  I have a couple that are just about not there any more.   if you have any questions I'm happy to help.  Best of luck to you.  oh, make sure to let the TCA soak into the toothpick for 30-45 seconds before you cross, and WEAR GLOVES.  TCA soaked into the toothpick.  I repeatedly changed toothpicks for worry this would happen, and I'm glad I did because it STILL caused my fingers to peel for weeks after.  If I had not kept changing toothpicks, I bet I would have burned my fingers.  this stuff is VERY corrosive.

#3343315 Dermastamp - How Many Times Do You Stamp One Area?

Posted by NUBY3 on 25 April 2013 - 03:51 PM

yeah, that should be fine I would think.  I think the coverage isn't quite as thorough with the roller.  I don't actually count rolls, I've become sort of a freestyle roller, I just roll until I feel like, "that's good enough".  trouble areas, I might hit 10 times or more, followed by stamping.  my skin seems to be pretty tough though, I seem to heal pretty well.  Nutrition is very important, I will add.  without proper nutrition and supplements and topicals, I truly believe you are wasting time.  Not that you won't see any results, but eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and taking supplements will speed the process along BIGTIME.  and if scars appear to get bigger, it's because they are working to the surface.  keep rolling and they will begin shrinking again.  HAVE FAITH.  the process is slow, it takes 5-6 months to see good results, and likely a year or two to start to become satisfied with it, but if you do nothing, you will never see results, and the other treatments out there come with serious risk.  Needling appears to be the safest thing to me.  just make sure not to drag or scrape the needles across your face, and always pick up the roller and put it back down before starting another roll.  DO NOT leave the roller on your face and simply change the direction.  And you will be just fine.  also, if you're a smoker, give it up. not that you are one, but try to avoid toxins because they inevitably find their way to the skin, and they cause damage.  it slows things down a whole, whole lot.

#3343079 Just Wanted To Say Thanks To Everyone Involved With This Forum

Posted by NUBY3 on 24 April 2013 - 04:33 PM

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone in this forum, and everyone involved in making it go.  This thing has been such a big help to me and I don't know that I would be handling things as well as I am (which is bad enough already) without it. Thank you to all the people in here who care so much as to take the time to help others, thank you to the people who have had success and have moved on from the constant struggle and still come back and post to give people hope, and thank you to the people who service it and make it so great.  I have no idea who any of you people are but I appreciate you all so much.  Thanks.