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tane007's Roaccutane 20mg journey. > Day - Unknown.

Posted 13 July 2013

Hey guys, haven't posted in AGES. And for anyone who may have followed this blog, i apologize. I wanted to wait until i saw some noticeable changes before posting again, then after about a month and a half total, my dosage ran out and there was about a week gap where i was off the tane all together. Then once i saw my derm he boosted me up to 40mg a day,...

tane007's Roaccutane 20mg journey. > Day 19.

Posted 23 April 2013

DAY 19.   Hey guys, whats up! So i'm currently on day 19 of roaccutane on 20mg a day. I'll just get straight into it. Side effects:   Dry lipsDry skinBreakouts That's it! My face doesn't look too much better, my cysts have decreased in size and most are almost gone, and i have probably 4 active whiteheads at the moment, some on my jaw...

tane007's Roaccutane 20mg journey. > Day 14

Posted 18 April 2013

DAY 14  okay guys, i believe its day 14, and my initial breakout has officially begun.. i have cysts on my forehead, behind my jaw, on my temple, on my chin, i have pimples on my chin, forehead, and some on my cheeks. Ah two nights before a party. no fun. well my pimples seem to be drying quickly which gives me a bit of hope, my nose is super re...

tane007's Roaccutane 20mg journey. > Day 7-13

Posted 11 April 2013

WEEK ONE.   Finally i figured out how to make a blog! Hi everyone, I am a 17 yr old male, i weigh 70kg and im roughly 6 foot, on a 20mg/day isotretinoin regime for 9 months, and i've decided to make a blog to keep you guys posted on how my low dosage goes, the ups, and the downs.  First off i'll start by saying, it took me roughly 6 months,...