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#3418321 A New Outlook

Posted by xscarringx on 04 March 2014 - 04:31 PM

Okay, before I get into what I'm getting into, let me apologize. I apologize for my highly unorganized post and any punctuation, grammar errors that I might make. 


Okay so an update on me. I don't really get on here anymore, because this website is extremely depressing and every corner you turn hope is lost. It's depressing and negative and my brain seems to put more emphasis on the sad stores and look over the positive ones, or at least that is how I used to be. Now, I only acknowledge the positive things in life. I let the negatives of others and my surroundings go right though me. I still have some scars, but I would like to add that I am achieving great results I am dermastamping every 3 weeks. I don't care if some people think that's too soon, I know myself better than you do. Plus, I'm saving tons of money & doing something about what I consider "my problem". I plan on having a couple fat transfers when I get the money up. 


This website has a bunch of people that lecture people & I do not like that. I don't like being told what I should eat and what I shouldn't. I don't like being told what I should do & when I should do it or who I should do it by. I do appreciate advice, but please do not act like "your way" is better than "my way." I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about here.  Different people do different things, that's what makes us unique.


However all of this on this website have many things in common, but we only are focusing on one here, okay maybe two. That is acne & acne scars. Do you realize what we have done here? We have felt "alone" and we have all subconsciously seeked out people that we can relate to, that have the same problem as we do without realizing we needed someone to talk to, vent with, etc. With that being said, for months I spent waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on this damn site, it is a good site, don't get me wrong, but we need to live life. This should not be a hobby. I have seen people on here that quit their jobs to commit to fixing their scars, who drop out of school because of acne. Don't let this little problem stand in your way. One of your biggest problems is your mindset. You are being selfish really. You're hurting yourself. 


You know that little voice in your head? The one that tries to ruin your fun when you're having a good time? The one who tells you you're ugly? Well, I dare you to challenge that voice. Challenge yourself. Get out of the house, have fun and do things with friends. Meet new people. Volunteer. Make goals. Get a degree. Hit the gym. Exercise. Drop the friends in your life that bring you down. Seriously, if you hang out with people that are constantly negative, conceited, rude, anything that doesn't suit your liking, drop those people. Simple as that. If it's your family bringing you down, fire back. 


Find & surround yourself with people & animals (if you like animals). Surround yourself with people that give you a "high", people that make you happy, people you're comfortable around. 


I know what you're probably thinking. Shut up already. That will never work. I've tried it. I'm still unhappy. Boo hoo. Well take my post to your head, because it's backed by my personal experience & I have been through a lot this past year. Things that I would never want to go through again, my worst nightmares, waaaaaay worse than acne, wayyyyy worse than acne scars. People have different problems, people go through different things. I'm dealing the cards I was dealt. 


I'm proud to say that I have finally changed my perspective on life. I go to the gym, I volunteer, I graduate college this year, I'm going back to college for more education. I finally got a good paying job. I'm dermastamping & saving money + getting results !.


I encourage you all to analyze how you're feeling on a daily basis, what you're doing, who you're around, your goals, your future, (how you picture your future), seek counseling/therapy. Don't focus so much on what you're eating & all these other crazy methods that these people on here suggest. Which could lead to bigger problems than you've ever imagined, trust ME!


Do what moves you, do what makes you happy. Don't allow yourself to feel like a victim in this world. That will only bring you down. Why are you fighting yourself? Be your own best friend. Build yourself up. Don't let anyone bring you down. People can be shallow, I understand, but realize you are something greater. Quit using acne, acne scars to find people you can relate to. Of course that's the only thing you will have in common if that's what you choose, but it's a silly one. If you want to put all of your focus on such a negative thing go for it. However, I highly suggest that you have a greater purpose in life. Find your purpose. Go soul searching. Pray to whatever God you believe in, but most of all start accepting yourself. You are beautiful, you are alive, you are human & you are strong.

#3378571 Fat Graft Dermal Graft Prp Dermarolling

Posted by xscarringx on 28 August 2013 - 11:16 AM

if you search the archives you will see there are alot of people who have tried these methods before but no longer post here anymore god only knows why

I know it's hard to have hope at times, but please don't think there isn't any. We are all going through the same thing, we are in this together! If I seen any of you in person, I would give you a hug & we could cry together! I also promise one day if I become rich, I will do anything I can to help any scar sufferers. I also want to add that I had subcision done back in June and I cried "because I didn't see any improvement." However, sometimes it becomes hard for us to recognize when we have had improvement.


Hey just wanted to say that you might want to check out realself, there are lots of reviews on fat transfers.

Hey michi, yeah I checked realself, but I am weary of that website because the doctors & people on there are so negative. Not only that, it's websites like that where people go when things go wrong. I know it can be helpful for finding a doctor, but I just don't like all of the negativity. A lot of people have successful scar revision, but they never join websites or report back because it worked. So while I find acne.org beneficial to many, it can be depressing too. I consider it a support, venting group. Sorry to ramble. I wish others came back on here to give us more information about their success, but at the same time I understand that this website reminds them of dark times.


I will be stalking this thread. I've called up several doctors about fat transfer. Some claim that it isn't permanent and that the fat gets reabsorbed within a couple of years, some claim at least 50% remain because some of the cells die off(?) during transfer and some survive, I read on one site the doctor noting that fat contains stem cells and that results are permanent.


The super expensive doctor in my city who claims to offer permanent results had a very negative review in the last few months...the woman claimed he lied and the results only lasted 6 months.


Also, some people may not come back on this board if their scars are gone or mostly non-existent!



I think Datura got the grafting done in California...I tried sending her a message asking who the doctor was who performed the grafting and she won't respond. sad.png

Yeah, from what I hear if it's done correctly it is permanent. There are stem cells in fat, and as long as they continue to live and get  a good blood supply, not all of them will die. I know it's something you have to have done more than once, but come on we should be used to that. People tend to get it done more than once, because they don't want it to be over corrected the first time. Also, from my experience reading on the realself website, I have seen some horror stories about how the fat has stayed there forever. While I understand that sucks, but I look on the positive side of it. I think hmm, well it lasted for them. Not only that, I feel that even if it was over corrected, with all the stuff we know on these boards the ability to fix an over correction is there. I think we need to set the bs aside, and realize that many of us on these boards are highly intelligent people. This is a learning experience for us. Here I am rambling again, I will definitely be keeping up with this thread. I hope others do too.


I had fat graft in October 2012 in conjunction with subcision for my rolling scars on my cheeks. Plastic surgeon destroyed fibers, fixing the bottom of the scars in the derma, with a blunt cannula in a reciprocating/fan-shaped/circular motion (not with a Nokor needle in order to prevent injuries of blood vessels...so weird - it sounded like eating of dry conflakes or the like), afterwards he did the fat graft extensively followed by a very aggressive needling (with the dermapen... full-face because I had Boxscars and a couple of ice-pick-scars on my temples and forehead). Downtime was a week: On day 5/6 the uppermost layer of the skin removed, on day 7 I was absolute socially acceptable, maybe with  a nice red/brown glow. The idea was  that the stem cells would help to heal the injuries produced by the needling as well as the smoothing effect, in addition the fat layer should prevent a re-connection of the retracted scars. It works very well, maybe I got an improvement of around 50 percent (the rolling scars respond best, the ice-picks and the boxscars on my cheeks/temples seemed to have more shallow due to the needling). So I decided to proceed.


In November I had another full-face-needling, in December the whole procedure of October once again. The results are very impressing: The rolling scars on my cheeks  are gone (or at least almost...I have had a larger volume lost on my right cheek bone  because of acne cyst) and obviously I look younger (I'm 35 now) - as people say I didn't see for a while. But be aware that is a rocky road: I tried  to avoid face movements as good as possible (didn't speak for a week,  ate  only mashed stuff and so on) plus I ate not only very healthy (with a couple of supplements) but opulent right after the derma graft (mashed walnuts with virgin olive oil rolleyes.gif  ) in order to support of the engraftment - that's why I increased in weight...once a friend in the gym asked if I take cortisone (did fitness/bodybuilding for years - before some wise guys is going to  write a comment: I have had acne in school  and started fitness/bodybuilding afterwards when I was in the army....plus I never took steroids). But now my cheek bones are back thanks of sport, jogging...


In January and February I had ablative fractional laser treatments (full face) for my boxscars, in March subcision for isolate scars on my temples, in April another ablative fractional laser treatment, in June PRP. Now (after the summer break) I'm going to struggle with my perfectionism-problem - it's astonishing if you suffer for years because of the scars and then you get improvement you aim to perfection.


Long story short: fat graft in conjunction with needling removed almost all of my rolling scars plus certainly it improved the boxscars on my cheek area (and improved skin surface/texture although I can't say that fat graft helped in this way, laser in that way...all I can say is, that the multiple approach helped a lot).

First off, before I say anything I want to thank you for posting your experience. I honestly appreciate it, and I'm sure many others do too. I completely understand the concept of a multi approach to the problem we are struggling with. It gives many people an idea for a treatment plan. Can I ask how much it cost you for the subcision/fat transfer/needling? Another question, where did the doctor take the fat from? I have read some take it from the back of the knee, some take it from the stomach, and some take it from behind the ear. Yeah you are so right there, we can never get enough improvement. Sometimes, we don't even realize that we have had improvement. I also understand that it is important to eat healthy and get the right supplements. Honestly though, I think the most important thing to do when you are healing is to be as positive as you can be. I remember being really negative with each treatment. I cleaned the house and moped around, because I looked to crazy to go outside. Are emotions are stronger than we think. I definitely think vitamin C is important though, because it is proven to boost the mood. One should look into mood boosting foods in the recovery process. Also, where is your doctor located? I won't be able to have anymore treatments for awhile, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead.



****One more thing I want to add to people reading this, I know it can be hard to have a positive mindset. However, don't let your scars "own" you. Know that there will be improvement, know that you WILL get through this! Know that there are treatments out there you haven't tried. Know that even though you might of had some treatments done, they are more beneficial when done together. Know that your life's not over. Don't let this hold you back from doing anything you enjoy, because that makes it worse. In order to become what you want to be, you really do have to see the bright side and feel that you are there. We are our own worst critics. Why do you think we strive for perfection? Know that you are beautiful. Know that this is a learning experience. Know that it's OKAY to cry, it's OKAY to let anger out.****

#3377838 Fat Graft Dermal Graft Prp Dermarolling

Posted by xscarringx on 25 August 2013 - 04:50 PM



If you have had this done post here please!

Okay so I am trying to compile a thread of people that have had some of these procedures done. I know Datura had dermal grafts done, I believe in Alabama, but not sure by which doctor. I'm pretty sure he had good results with the dermal grafts. I know there's been a few others on here that have had it done too. I am looking for other people that have had it done.


Fat Transfer / Fat Graft / Fat injection


 If you had had this done post here! Please!


Again I know some people have had this done with success and the result is dependent on the skill of the doctor. I recall a user on this site that said fat injections were like magic and that each time he them done his skin on the surface improved too. The results can be permanent if done correctly. (harvesting, injecting).


PRP (blood injections)


This is where blood is used as a filler, but it's more than just a filler. Blood contains numerous things that are beneficial. It has growth factors, stem cells. There is a lot of science on the web and on the site to back this up. However, I am looking for people that have had this done.



If you have had dermarolling done or you do it yourself, please post here!


Please don't leave if you have had one of these treatments and it was successful. I am simply making this thread, because I know how hard it is to search for information with tears in your eyes. I am trying to make it easier for people, I know this has been done, but some of the threads are pretty old. Feel free to quote parts from any other thread to make it easier for new members.

I can honestly say that I love each & everyone of you acne.org members, as silly as it sounds we are like a family. We WILL get through this dang it!
Thanks so much.

#3338524 Only Water

Posted by xscarringx on 04 April 2013 - 03:21 PM

Okay, so I just joined this site today, but I have been following posts and threads on here for quite a while. I am 22 years old and have suffered from moderate to severe acne since I was around 14 years old. I have tried so many different over the counter products. I have been on numerous antibiotics, you name it. The funny thing is, none of it really ever helped. Sure it might seem like it's help, or they give you the motto "it gets worse before it gets better." That wasn't my case...that stuff can really irritate the skin. Last year in July, I became devastated I paid $300 for another topical treatment that did NOT work. I decided to give up, that was the best choice I think I've ever made. I actually quit washing my face completely. I didn't let water get on my face until this January. You would think when you go without washing your face for so long that it would be terrible. That's what they want you to think! Therefore, you build up a vicious cycle you dry your skin out with harsh products, and then apply a moisturizer. If you want to completely stop washing your face with cleansers or soaps, I say go for it! My skin looked so much better after I stopped washing it. I’m a girl so I wear make up. At night I had to take that off, but to take it off I just used a paper towel or a bath towel. In January I got curious to see if I could use water without it irritating my skin. I have to say, I’m glad I did. At night I use a wash cloth and gently wipe away my make up/any dead skin with a luke warm wash rag. Then I splash a little water on my face. Sometimes I let it air dry, sometimes I don’t.  As of right now, I have no active pimples. I have not gotten any cysts in almost a year! The pimples I do get heal within 1-2 days. I had to post on here, because I feel like I could stop someone from making the same mistakes I did. I am left with scarring now, and I’m doing what I can to treat that. One thing I do notice about myself and other members with scarring on this site is that most of the scarring is in the same place you would scrub the most on your face and put the most pressure, spend the most time on.  I should add my skin is not oily or dry it evens itself out. If you develop a pimple, fight the “urge” to pick at it, pop it or “wash it away.”  I wish I would have realized this 7 years ago. Why do I think I started getting acne in the first place? It was probably from being on too many antibiotics, or using make up I could have even became suddenly allergic to the products I was using. I know how it is to be a teenager, and you get one little pimple and freak out and you begin to use acne products. What I have realized is that acne products only make things worse. I suggest to people suffering from severe acne to go with even getting your face wet for many days, use the “do nothing” method. I have noticed acne can also spread, so you probably shouldn’t use a wash rag right away. Wait for the oil on your face to build up, because the oil you produce is good if you think about it. The oil produced can help “push out” the plug of the pimple. I am also taking a probiotic right now, but that’s sort of for a different reason.  Just wanted to share my experience, feel free to write back. =)