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In Topic: Roaccutane Log (Uk) - 20Mg - 25/m

14 April 2013 - 05:03 AM

Don't stress, just keep at it with the lip balm every time you feel the drying sensation & pack it on before bed so they're hydrated throughout the night.
That's okay, now you know it's working! Lets just hope it stays mild & doesn't go haywire. Keep your face clean, you'll notice it won't ever feel dirty soon because the oil pretty much gets cut off but still continue with your everyday skin care routine.
Aaaaand I'm so friggin happy! I woke up this morning to a completely clear face. No flaking, no sore spots, no bulging, no bumps.. Just soft, smoooooth, perfectly awesome skin. :D :D here's to hoping it stays this way, I really don't wanna have an IB after seeing my face this clear!

In Topic: Low Dose Accutane

08 April 2013 - 07:14 PM

I've been on 20mgs a day for over a month now & almost all the spots I had on my face are gone. I have zero active spots at the moment. The stubborn spots that I had during the first week are now just flaking away. I have dry lips, dry skin, all the normal side effects. If anything, I think if I was on a higher dose I'd probably have extensive health problems. The strength of this drug is no joke, in my personal opinion I think it's safer to start on a low dose & slowly go higher. Easing into this medication will be better for our bodies overall.

I bump it up to 40mgs in may. With the side effects I'm already getting on the dosage im on now, I'm afraid to see what's gonna happen when I double it.

In Topic: Back Pain/accutane

07 April 2013 - 09:51 PM

I've been on accutane for a little over a month & never experienced any back pain til about two days ago.

I woke up with a sore back all over. It almost felt like I had been holding a house the entire day before! It was so sore!

I cracked it a number of times, tried to rest, layed on the floor to straighten it, sat on an angle, slouched, leaned, EVERYTHING! Nothing seemed to ease the pain apart from arching my back right in the middle section.

Sleeping that night was difficult but I felt fine the next day & even still today. I'm positive it's due to the medication, I've never experienced back pain like that before.

Just keep an eye on it & if pain persists, take it up with you gp or derm.

In Topic: Roaccutane Log (Uk) - 20Mg - 25/m

07 April 2013 - 01:20 AM

Hey, how's it going so far? Noticing any changes as of yet?

I used to use duac all over my face lol I used to just do a spot treatment but then my acne got pretty bad & I have to say I didn't experience that much drying from duac. I used another topical called benzac & it was 10% BP & even that didn't have much of a drying effect :/ not sure if my skin is just super intolerant of drying out. The accutane dries out my spots, that's for sure. But as for the face I only really notice drying on delicate areas of the skin like the nose, and the little triangle underneath the eye closest to the nose. Even then, it's nothing moisturizer can't fix. (:

In Topic: Roaccutane Log (Uk) - 20Mg - 25/m

03 April 2013 - 09:15 PM



Congrats on joining the accutane journey lol, i've been on it for a month now & it's definitely doing it's job. I'm also on 20mgs per day which will continue for another month then i'll get bumped up to 40mgs per day for another 3 months.


I went in with a fair few spots on my face which have mostly all cleared now. There's just 3 stubborn ones left which i've been keeping an eye on & i'm noticing their slow, but sure farewell.


I was taking minomycin at one point which had no effect on my skin whatsoever, so i tried duac which worked temporarily, which is of course not good enough. So i decided i'd take my last option. I'm not sure if i've experienced the IB yet because my skin has mostly cleared since taking accutane rather than produced more spots. But my derm tells me it can occur anywhere between the 2-3 month mark so i'm not in the clear yet. Fingers crossed it treats me nicely.


One word of advice, don't underestimate this drugs strength. It has the power to make you feel as vulnerable as an autumn leaf during a hurricane. Make sure you take your dose with a proper, hearty meal & wash it down with a full glass of water otherwise you can look forward to dying on the bathroom floor with whatever you've eaten for the past week along with your dose happily swimming in your toilet bowl.


With that said, good luck, hopefully you see results soon & stock up on a lot of moisturizer & lip balm. You'll be needing it very soon (: