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OMGmahface's Blog > One Year Later............ (Lotsa Updates)

Posted 30 April 2014

Its been about one year since i started my treatment! Lots to update everyone about. My skin is doing great, but not perfect! I do have some hyperpigmintation from the acne left over, but I don't really break out anymore :) Clear skin!..?
Skin Picking
After my 30 day picking challenge, I had no urge to pick anymore! Success! Lol but it doesnt mean...

OMGmahface's Blog > Updates 5/27

Posted 27 May 2013

Updates! Its been 20 days already? Well, I went about a week and a half without duac :( ran out, so my derm prescribed me the two meds separately. and WOW it burned my skin at first ( I think I used too much, too) definitely more potent than the expired sample duac haha. I broke out a bit during my non-duac days.... sigh, i'm guessing I cant get off this...

OMGmahface's Blog > Update 5/7/13

Posted 07 May 2013

Updates! My skin has been doing great and I've been picking less! I think I picked two times within the week.. and it was the same spot haha, didn't do much damage I've really kicked the habit of gluing myself to the mirror and  killing my skin. I just got a renewal on my minocycline prescription but my derm said that they ran out of duac samples! D:...

OMGmahface's Blog > Day 30 (Pics)

Posted 29 April 2013

Day 30- Did not pick today. Last day of my 30 day no picking challenge! I'd have to say, although it wasn't a complete success, because I did pick a little, it was still a great success! Ever since I started this blog, I went from picking at 15 things on my face to 1 or 2 or none! I went from a scabby pepperoni pizza face to a uh... red cupcake sprin...

OMGmahface's Blog > Day 29

Posted 29 April 2013

Day 29 - Did not pick today :) so tomorrow is day 30 and I will be posting pictures! I dermarolled today. I haven't been counting the days but I think its about 10 days since my first dermaroller session? Can't say ive seen good results (its just one session) but I haven't seen bad results which is still good news. I went a little rougher today since...