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27 October 2013 - 08:08 PM

Hey Guys,


Iv been using BP for years now and I have been slowly decreasing the amount over the past 6 months. BP (and the regime) has been my saviour for so long and has helped me keep my acne at bay. However I have recently got to the point where I haven't used BP (or the regime- only cleanser) for a month now and my skin is still relatively clear (I completely understand this is not possible for some people, and its just an individual thing). However, Im not writing this entice people to stop using the regime,but since being off the regime I have noticed the past couple of months have been very positive and busy. So what I'm saying is I believe the regime is truly only half the riddle.


Being positive as possible everyday, doing things that you wouldn't normally do, getting out of your comfort zone are all ways that you can detach and veer from the everyday stuggles of acne. I think that anyone who has acne is unknowingly put into this exhausting thought mentality and are constantly preoccupied and consumed by it. Generally speaking I previously haven't really comprehended positive thinking. It isn't something you just turn on or something you can fake, it is a habit that we all teach ourselves, and its recently been somewhat an inner peace for me and my outlook.


I know some people will read this and think I'm on a 'clear skin high' or something however over the years i have learnt to be very mindful of others situations and where they are currently at. Some people will relate, others won't, however I truly believe our bodies and minds respond to positivity whether we know it or not.


All the best



Try Probiotics

08 August 2013 - 06:07 AM

Ill keep it short and sweet,


Iv done quite a bit of research on probiotics and I'm sure many other people have raved on here about them also. If you have been using antibiotics or the pill, i would highly recommend them. My skin is relatively clear, however since taking probiotics it has really made a difference in the tone of my skin (less redness). Im taking a 100 billion good bacteria per capsule once per day. 


P.S Just note that this is not a 'miracle cure' for me or anything; however over the years i have learnt to listen to my skin and this is defiantly helping.








How Many People Here Approach People They See With Acne?

07 August 2013 - 05:58 AM

Hey guys,


In short, i have found great success over the years with the regime. I was curious on how many people would actually approach someone they don't know for example on the street, in order to help them. Yes i understand the delicacy (especially for guys)  of the situation however when i see someone with acne, every fibre in my body wants to help them. So last month I just did it. I saw this kid at the gym who has acne, and told him i know the situation, and told him all about the regime (of course in a very private manner). He was obviously embarrassed at the start however he is now starting the regime and hope he has success.



What is your honest opinion of this sort of situation?



Anxiety = Serb Dermatitis?

30 May 2013 - 03:43 AM

Hey guys,

I have noticed that i have been getting a lot more anxiety lately. I exercise, eat relativeley healthy etc also. Does anyone else with serb dermatitis have anxiety issues at all. I have read that anxiety can cause auto immune problems, and can spur an skin conditions like serb dermatitis. Its a catch 22 because when i get a flare up , i get more anxious, and when i get anxious i flare up. Does anyone else experience this?


thanks in advance.

A Couple Of Sneaky Tips (For Irritation)

05 April 2013 - 08:40 AM

Hey guys, i have been on the regime for a while now, three best things to stop irritation that i have found when using and applying the regime (apart from the obvious) are:


1- When drying your face, pat dry with tissues instead of a towel

2- Apply BP and moisturiser with the back side of a clean teaspoon (sounds weird, but there is a lot less friction than your fingers)

3-Once the BP and moisturiser is on your face try not stress your skin eg by eating etc straight after application.


Hope these help and good luck!