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#3492257 Lumps On Gums Below Cystic Acne

Posted by underneath32 on 15 August 2015 - 08:48 AM

Hi there, I personally haven't heard of lumps on gums contributing to cystic acne, however not to say they aren't correlated. Perhaps its a reaction to toothpaste, not sure? With regards to accutane and  dermatologist appointment- take a photo when your acne flares up and tell them your situation. They will be the decider of how much accutane you should take. From what you have explained here 20mg/day may be a ideal amount and i have seen people have a lot of success on this dosage; however this is something that you should talk to your dermatologist about. Lastly if your not happy with your derm, change; I know they are expensive etc however its worth getting good advice, and don't be afraid to ask them lots of questions! All the best

#3492254 Accutane Hurting My Erections?

Posted by underneath32 on 15 August 2015 - 08:35 AM

See your doctor or GP if this persists. Though i haven't heard of it, it may be the drug or even a placebo effect/ in your head. A ten minute awkward conversation is worth it mate. Go in and talk it out, docs see and hear far worse. All the best

#3492021 Please Help! I Have Severe Acne And I'm Starting To Become Depressed...

Posted by underneath32 on 13 August 2015 - 10:37 PM

Okay firstly, everyone can empathise with your situation here. Your are still very young and this will only be a slight setback if you be productive and face this head on. Secondly there are many options advailable to you. I would highly recommend taking a look at the regime and following the processes that have been provided,  take a look and see if this will suit you. Also you could go to a dermatologist; and depending on the severity (from what you have explained may be moderate to severe) they will prescribe accutane/isotretion. These are very effective treatments for you however these treatments may have reactions for different people. Lastly, I am telling you now, home remedies such as egg white will not work, don't waste your time; look at what works and what doesn't and make a decision for yourself and what your comfortable with. 
Also don't be afraid to ask your parents for help with a dermatologist, and treatment info; you just need to make the first step. There is nothing wrong with facing problems like this head on; in fact it will make you stronger and more confident in yourself, you will see.

All the best.

#3418700 On The 9Th Day Bp Started To Burn Like Crazy! Need Help!

Posted by underneath32 on 06 March 2014 - 06:50 AM

This is normal. In the beginning stages of the regime, you skin will be fine one day then go mental the next. You can always reduce the amount of BP used if its not tolerable to start with, then very slowly increase the amount. Your skin takes a while before it adjusts to a foreign substance and this is likely what is happening. Its completely normal that your skin may flare up after you apply moisturiser also, however the more gentle you are the less you are going to aggravate your skin. I recommend also try waiting a little longer between applying BP and moisturiser to ensure your skin has time to absorb and settle before the next application. Also if you are experiencing burning in the mornings it may be best to do the regime first thing in order to give your skin time to settle before heading out. 


Be consistent, follow the steps very carefully and your skin will respond. All the best.

#3417691 White Bumps

Posted by underneath32 on 02 March 2014 - 06:46 AM

Perhaps it may be an allergic reaction from the baking soda or just irritation. If it doesn't go away after a couple of days I suggest you see a GP to get it analysed.

#3409431 Cure Mild Cystic Acne?! Suggestions?

Posted by underneath32 on 21 January 2014 - 07:37 AM

Firstly, I highly recommend going to get second opinion from a GP or practitioner about your particular situation. Secondly, less can be more in these situations; please don't use every generic/topical product under the sun to frantically find a cure, a lot of people would agree with me that this can just irritate your skin even more. Products take time to work; so you need to be patient when trying different products, just keep this in mind. None the less, all the best with finding the right treatment. :)

#3390977 Positivity

Posted by underneath32 on 27 October 2013 - 08:08 PM

Hey Guys,


Iv been using BP for years now and I have been slowly decreasing the amount over the past 6 months. BP (and the regime) has been my saviour for so long and has helped me keep my acne at bay. However I have recently got to the point where I haven't used BP (or the regime- only cleanser) for a month now and my skin is still relatively clear (I completely understand this is not possible for some people, and its just an individual thing). However, Im not writing this entice people to stop using the regime,but since being off the regime I have noticed the past couple of months have been very positive and busy. So what I'm saying is I believe the regime is truly only half the riddle.


Being positive as possible everyday, doing things that you wouldn't normally do, getting out of your comfort zone are all ways that you can detach and veer from the everyday stuggles of acne. I think that anyone who has acne is unknowingly put into this exhausting thought mentality and are constantly preoccupied and consumed by it. Generally speaking I previously haven't really comprehended positive thinking. It isn't something you just turn on or something you can fake, it is a habit that we all teach ourselves, and its recently been somewhat an inner peace for me and my outlook.


I know some people will read this and think I'm on a 'clear skin high' or something however over the years i have learnt to be very mindful of others situations and where they are currently at. Some people will relate, others won't, however I truly believe our bodies and minds respond to positivity whether we know it or not.


All the best



#3390337 Skin Texture

Posted by underneath32 on 23 October 2013 - 11:12 PM

Whilst it is hard for me to make a judgement on your skin, I understand the regime can have this effect when the BP dries on your skin and can cause a layer. I have had this problem also in the early stages of the regime. However over time my skin returned back to normal. I recommend staying hydrated also, the texture of your skin can change dramatically. All the best

#3383090 Switching Back To Bp

Posted by underneath32 on 17 September 2013 - 05:01 AM

If you are experiencing active acne than BP is probably your best option. However in saying that it doesn't really help with your red marks. If you are thinking of going back to BP perhaps try 2.5% instead of 5%. Whether BP is better than 'salicylic acid and neautragena 2 in 1 fight and fade with glycolic acid' is for you to find out. Everyone responds differently. 

In short if you have active acne- BP, if it is just red marks you are concerned about then salicylic acid and glycolic acid is probably a more desired treatment.


Hope this helps all the best

#3382111 How Do I Use The Aha+

Posted by underneath32 on 12 September 2013 - 08:05 AM

AHA is a pretty powerful exfoliant. Start with a small amount mixed with you moisturiser every other night and work your way up. Use your intuition, if it feels like its too much then it probably is (however there are links in the products section explaining dose amounts of AHA). You need to be mindful with sun exposure with this topical also, make sure you wear sunscreen. If you are up to the stage of increasing your dose at any stage perhaps do it on a weekend to make sure your don't have any negative reactions, however from what you have said your reactions of being 'warm' sound pretty normal. I should also mention, AHA isnt a required element of the regime, try not to go overboard with this product.


All the best

#3382106 Red Marks Remain Fresh For Months. Something Wrong?

Posted by underneath32 on 12 September 2013 - 07:50 AM

Yes this seems fairly normal. Red marks can clear up quickly or linger for others. If you are using a topical like BP most users will generally agree that red marks persist longer than normal, and it is generally the price paid for clear(er) skin. However if you are worried about your skin in the long run and want to prevent your acne then take comfort in knowing that red marks are just superficial and will eventually fade with time. More importantly however, be gentle with your skin to avoid irritation and to give it the best chance it can to repair itself. 

PS-Sunscreen will only help your red marks, just make sure it is non comedogenic.   

All the best :)

#3378733 Strategies For Getting Every Last Drop...

Posted by underneath32 on 29 August 2013 - 01:25 AM

Cut the bottle open and get it out with your fingers(or a spoon). After 17 months on the regime you should be aware of how much to use. When your finished with the bottle put foil or glad wrap over it until you have used it all up. Am i missing something here? :)

#3372904 On My Fourth Day Of The Regimen

Posted by underneath32 on 08 August 2013 - 08:46 AM

Your skin is adjusting to the regime, new breakouts and irritation are just part of the drill in the beginning phases unfortunately. Eventually your skin will adjust to the foreign ingredients and things will become less daunting. As you have probably already read, you have to ride it out. You just have to know your skin will get better, and in the long run these beginning phases are totally worth it. Stay focused and positive :)

#3372860 Try Probiotics

Posted by underneath32 on 08 August 2013 - 06:07 AM

Ill keep it short and sweet,


Iv done quite a bit of research on probiotics and I'm sure many other people have raved on here about them also. If you have been using antibiotics or the pill, i would highly recommend them. My skin is relatively clear, however since taking probiotics it has really made a difference in the tone of my skin (less redness). Im taking a 100 billion good bacteria per capsule once per day. 


P.S Just note that this is not a 'miracle cure' for me or anything; however over the years i have learnt to listen to my skin and this is defiantly helping.








#3366504 Skin Is Still Flaky And Itchy After 5 And 1/2 Weeks

Posted by underneath32 on 15 July 2013 - 02:10 AM

Yeah your going to experience irritation, dryness in the beginning phases Adding jojoba oil will defiantly help. Start off slowly with AHA however and make sure you use it as it recommends every couple of days etc. You could try to reduce the amount of BP in order to reduce irritation however not too much, just enough to find a good medium. Also make sure your moisturiser is completely absorbed before you go to bed, if it is not then essentially it will just rub off onto your pillow case. With all this said try jojoba and AHA some people have completely eradicated their dryness/ irritation with this combination. All the best