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Please Send Positive Thoughts My Way/pray For Me

08 July 2014 - 08:51 PM

I want accutane so bad but my mom won't let me go on it. I don't know if this is the right place to post this but would you please send positive thoughts (if you're not religious) or prayers my way that my mom lets me get on accutane?  I feel kind of silly for posting this, and i think this shows just how desperate i am. Read my previous topics for more info. I've realized i can't do this anymore, i just can't. It's the oil mostly. If i had the acne and scars with non oily skin, i could live with it. But the oil makes everything unbearable. Just thinking about Accutane makes me cry because my mom won't let me get on it. You may think i'm exaggerating, but it affects me so much. I'm so done with this and i know that accutane could make it all better. I'm done with acne, the scars, crying myself to sleep every night, the crying induced headaches, the missed opportunities, feeling gross and ugly, the oil, and everything associated with this disease

New Regimen Yet Again

27 June 2014 - 12:41 AM

Went to the derm today, prescribed this regimen and also waiting for my mom to let me go on accutane


am: Minocycline, wash with bp 5% wash, clindamycin 1%gel


pm:take pill, wash face with gentle cleanser like cetaphil oil control foaming cleanser, apply differin


im only going to apply topicals to cheeks but i see no point of applying it to my whole face since my cheeks are my only problem area


yes i know i said differin pretty much f'ed up my skin's oil levels and stopped moisturizers from absorbing but i have actually been using it on my cheeks only and though it has felt gross and oily i do feel it helps treat my skin. Also though my cheeks are very oily, the rest of the face is oiler (wouldnt dream of applying differin all over ,say, my forehead.) And also i feel like the damage differin caused to my skin has already been done and even after stopping using differin, my skin didn't reverse. So it already stopped my skin from absorbing stuff, might as well continue using differin and treating acne if my skins not going to revert to how it used to be. get me?


follow up appointment is in 2 months

How Do I Convince My Mom To Let Me Go On Accutane?

27 June 2014 - 12:09 AM

(Please don't try to discourage me or change me mind.)


  I am a 14 yr old girl. The past 2 derms I've seen highly recommended it and i want it so bad. But my mom is just so stubborn, and I understand. She wants what is best for me, but acne is destroying me. She doesn't want to risk the serious side effects, like depression/suicide. But she has no idea I'm already depressed and it will only get worse if my skin doesn't get clear. So i'm so sure Accutane is what would be best for me.

 She's such a negative thinker and acts like I'm for sure 100% going to get serious side effects. I am a big believer in positive energy and am thinking positive things about accutane and my journey if she lets me get on it, and she's just a downer. I try to talk to her about Accutane and let her know what others (on here and IG) have said about Accutane but she won't even let me talk to her about it. As soon as she hears me say accutane she snaps at me and claims she's not in the mood. I want to talk to her and let her know how i feel, but she doesn't give me the time of day.

   I went to the derm today and he stressed that I should get on it, so had my past derm. Last time my mom said hell no, but now she said she'll think about it (doubt it tho). I asked her how long is she going to think about it for and she just shut me out and pretty much told me to shut up. I want accutane so bad, and i want it now so later on, after the acne has got worse, im not saying i shouldve gone on it sooner. If i'm not on it by the time i'm 18 and still have acne, the minute i become an adult i'm getting it.

   I dont even bug her about it either. I've only tried to talk to her about it a few times and she acts like i pester her everyday. She's also concerned about taking it for 5 months because she says thats a long time. But i've been on antibiotics longer than that, and will have to continue taking them for longer. Accutane is only 5 or so months and your done, expectedly for life.

  I've done so much research on Accutane, yet she read one pamphlet about it and thinks she knows all about it. Personally i feel its unfair that she's keeping me from getting on it, because she's not the one who's suffering. She doesn't know how it feels and doesnt even give me the chance to tell her how i do. But again, i understand her reasoning, though i dont accept it.

   I feel this may come off as whiny and disrespectful to my mother but honestly i'm just so done with acne. I need Accutane, my mom is the only thing stopping me from getting clear skin. How can I get through to her? 


edit: brought it up today and she said she's never going to let me get on it. commence crying.


I'm so bothered by the fact she won't let me get on it because that's what will make it all better, and i can't have it. Just like that. I'm staring right at what can turn my life around for the better and it's just dangling in front of me but I can't have it because she says so. It makes me want to pull my hair out and just kick around on the floor like a crazy person.

Only Cheeks Scar, How Do I Prevent?

13 March 2014 - 09:09 PM

I mostly only breakout on my cheeks, but I do have occasional breakouts on my forehead, chin, or nose. But those never leave red marks. I mean, initially after the blemish is gone it does leave a red mark but fades within a couple weeks. Where as on my cheeks, i dont even pop the blemishes (they're papules that turn into pustules) and they leave red marks that don't seem to go away. It seems like only my cheeks and temples scar (by scar i mean hyper pigmentation.) The blemishes naturally scab over and fall away on their own and theres still a scar. Do you know how to prevent this scarring? Its unfortunate because the red marks just keep accumulating though i dont pop them. Also do you know how to treat them? The marks just seem to pile on eachother making the red color more intense. Of course it would help in preventing scaring if i had no active acne, but im working on that.

Update: Michael Todd True Organics And Antiobiotic

05 February 2014 - 12:46 AM

Just an update:

Ok so when i went to the derm, he re-prescribed me the antibiotic Amoxicillin 500mg, 2 times a day, got rid of the differin since it effed up the oil levels in my skin, and told me to use a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. I have a appointment with my GP prescribed in 6 weeks to get birthcontrol for accutane but i dont think thats happening anymore bc my mom got pissed. She said there was no way, as long as she's alive, that she's letting me take accutane. She even ripped the ipledge pamphlet in front of me. Then i had a 6 hour crying sesh... Anyways she wants to take a natural approach, wants me to start taking zinc and eating better etc. Honestly i just want accutane to get rid of it all with 1 step. My skin is was very oily and differin took it to the next level where it doesnt absorb anything now. No moisturizers, serums, oils. I hate it. So i want accutane to get rid of the acne AND oil, which i can't stand. Ok, so since Michael todd is an organic brand and it looks pretty good i asked my mom to get it for me. So i got the "Organic acne or oily skin regimen" It comes with:


  • CHARCOAL DETOX deep-pore gel cleanser penetrates pores to draw out impurities 
  • KAOLIN CLAY  detoxifying facial mask cooling and detoxifying treatment  (maximum strength)
  • ANTIOXIDANT CARROT multivitamin serum - (new and improved formula)
  • JOJOBA CHARCOAL SCRUB gentle exfoliating facial scrub​​ 
  • it also came with a free pack of make up removing wipes, i think they're called Skin loving wipes

​So i started this about 2 days ago.

Morning: Wash face with cleanser, apply toner (i dont use a cotton pad, i pour a drop directly on my face then spread it with my hands. i feel like a cotton pad absorbs too much and i have to put chetload of product, which wastes it), apply cetaphil dermacontrol oil control moisturizer, apply milk of magnesia, apply covergirl 3-in-1 foundation to cheeks, apply neutrogena shine control powder, take antibiotic


night: remove makeup with "skin loving wipes", wash face, apply toner, apply serum, take antibiotic.


I havent used the scrub or mask


I might make a log.