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Only Cheeks Scar, How Do I Prevent?

13 March 2014 - 09:09 PM

I mostly only breakout on my cheeks, but I do have occasional breakouts on my forehead, chin, or nose. But those never leave red marks. I mean, initially after the blemish is gone it does leave a red mark but fades within a couple weeks. Where as on my cheeks, i dont even pop the blemishes (they're papules that turn into pustules) and they leave red marks that don't seem to go away. It seems like only my cheeks and temples scar (by scar i mean hyper pigmentation.) The blemishes naturally scab over and fall away on their own and theres still a scar. Do you know how to prevent this scarring? Its unfortunate because the red marks just keep accumulating though i dont pop them. Also do you know how to treat them? The marks just seem to pile on eachother making the red color more intense. Of course it would help in preventing scaring if i had no active acne, but im working on that.

Update: Michael Todd True Organics And Antiobiotic

05 February 2014 - 12:46 AM

Just an update:

Ok so when i went to the derm, he re-prescribed me the antibiotic Amoxicillin 500mg, 2 times a day, got rid of the differin since it effed up the oil levels in my skin, and told me to use a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. I have a appointment with my GP prescribed in 6 weeks to get birthcontrol for accutane but i dont think thats happening anymore bc my mom got pissed. She said there was no way, as long as she's alive, that she's letting me take accutane. She even ripped the ipledge pamphlet in front of me. Then i had a 6 hour crying sesh... Anyways she wants to take a natural approach, wants me to start taking zinc and eating better etc. Honestly i just want accutane to get rid of it all with 1 step. My skin is was very oily and differin took it to the next level where it doesnt absorb anything now. No moisturizers, serums, oils. I hate it. So i want accutane to get rid of the acne AND oil, which i can't stand. Ok, so since Michael todd is an organic brand and it looks pretty good i asked my mom to get it for me. So i got the "Organic acne or oily skin regimen" It comes with:


  • CHARCOAL DETOX deep-pore gel cleanser penetrates pores to draw out impurities 
  • KAOLIN CLAY  detoxifying facial mask cooling and detoxifying treatment  (maximum strength)
  • ANTIOXIDANT CARROT multivitamin serum - (new and improved formula)
  • JOJOBA CHARCOAL SCRUB gentle exfoliating facial scrub​​ 
  • it also came with a free pack of make up removing wipes, i think they're called Skin loving wipes

​So i started this about 2 days ago.

Morning: Wash face with cleanser, apply toner (i dont use a cotton pad, i pour a drop directly on my face then spread it with my hands. i feel like a cotton pad absorbs too much and i have to put chetload of product, which wastes it), apply cetaphil dermacontrol oil control moisturizer, apply milk of magnesia, apply covergirl 3-in-1 foundation to cheeks, apply neutrogena shine control powder, take antibiotic


night: remove makeup with "skin loving wipes", wash face, apply toner, apply serum, take antibiotic.


I havent used the scrub or mask


I might make a log.


Derm Update, May Start Accutane In About 3 Months :d

27 January 2014 - 07:59 PM

Okay, so i went to the derm today. I explained how the differin wasnt working and how my un-informed mom who thinks she knows it all just bc she read one natural remedy book (-.-) told me to stop taking the antibiotics. As you know, i have been wanting accutane and i didnt think they'd be any chance of the derm recommending it for me, but the derm actually mentioned it before i did. She corrected my mom on her mis information about the antibiotic and yeast. So she said i have 2 options: continue the antibiotics (since i had stopped taking them cuz my mom told me to -.- (so mad about my mom ughh) and accutane. My mom doesnt like accutane, but i am very eager for it. To be on accutane u have to be taking birth control for 1 month before u get a prescription. So the derm made me an appointment with my GP in 6 weeks to get birth control, and re-prescribed me the same antibiotic (amoxicillin) to take until then to see if it works. Also a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. So the appointment for BC is in 6 weeks, plus another 4 weeks (a month) that i have to be on it before i get accutane, so thats 10 weeks, or a 2 months and 2 weeks. lets just round it up to 3 months bc i still will have to get blood work done before i get accutane. Also, my mom hast even agreed to accutane yet. But by the law off attraction, i'm on accutane and i am healthy with clear skin and i have self confidence. (you have to say it in the present tense or else it's always going to stay in the future and won't happen in the present.) I'm reading this book called the secret and its about the law of attraction and how you attract what you think, good or bad. So send positive thoughts my way! (don't think "you will be acne free", instead think "you will have clear skin" you can't focus on the negative, which is acne, focus on the positive, which is clear skin. Thanks everyone and i apologize for this post being unorganized.

Do I Wear Makeup To The Derm?

26 January 2014 - 05:14 PM

I have a derm appointment tomorrow right after school. I wear makeup to school everyday on my cheeks to cover up the redness and breakouts. There is no way im going to school without it. So since my appointment is after school, do i go to the derm with makeup on? Btw after school, my makeup looks horrible and cracked and worn off, but still way better than without it. I dont want to go with makeup because i want him to see my skin how it really is. It looks different and better with makeup on it. Should i take a baby wipe with me and remove the make up in the car? I know baby wipes probably wouldnt be good, but i dont have any makeup wipes/remover (i use cleanser to remove makeup) and i dont think i can go to the store today, and the derm appointment is tmrw. Also, would the baby wipes remove oil? Cuz i want the derm to see how oily my skin is because thats a big problem, and i even want accutane for it.

Oatmeal Water Kept Extremely Oily Skin Matte All Night

26 January 2014 - 10:53 AM

Ok guys, this is so exciting. inkdjsdhgnbrjtdnvimkdf Ok, so my skin has been breaking out badly lately and it's very red, irritated, and flaky around those areas because ive used tea tree oil. So i wanted to use an oatmeal mask to soothe it. BUT my parents were around and i dont like to do skincare thinggs around them bc i get embarrassed. So i decided only to use the milky, liquid that comes out of the oatmeal when you wet it, so that it wont be as noticeable as having whole oats on my face.I used old fashioned oats, so it took a lil while for the liquid to come out. But i squeezed the oats and got the milk (lets call it that) and applied it to my dry face, Btw, i did this at night right after washing and drying my face. It does apply streaky, or atleast it did for me bc i ended up applying the oatmeal to my face and rubbing it till it didnt feel as watery on my face and felt creamier. Then i picked off the oatmeal (took forever) and left the oatmeal milk. It left my face with white streaks, and it looks like you have ashy, dry skin. i didnt apply any moisturizer after and i went to bed. Usually when i wake up from bed, my face is so oily and greasy, if i touch my forehead, my finger will slip. its just crazy. my face will look as if its been doused in olive oil. But today, IT WAS MATTE, I SHIT YOU NOT. oshfgkbgsvdkfjbdfvntr i couldnt believe it. I first woke up, and touched my forehead. It still felt like i had the oatmeal milk on, so i was surprised that it didnt wear off. (actually i think it wore off a BIT, but i was still matte!!) I was sure it was still gunna look oily tho. But i looked in the mirror and my whole face was matte!!!!(The breakouts dried up a bit too!) I couldnt believe it. This is crazy guys. I didnt think anything in the world could do this. Milk of magnesia doesnt even come close to this. I am wondering if it will have the same effect over moisturizer. I am going to try it out today, over moisturizer and under makeup. The problem is, it has a streaky finish like MOM. But im thinking i could just wet a paper towel and rub the streaky areas till they go away. What are your thoughts on this? I just wanted to share this with every one. Im so excited about it, and i hope it works over moisturizer. Btw i go to the derm tomorrow and im still hoping for accutane. I will share my regimen when i get back from the derm Send positive thoughts me way! thanks (: