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Mommy's Struggles

29 March 2013 - 11:29 AM

Ok, I'll begin with this... I am very skeptical. But hopeful.


I have had acne since I was 15. It was REALLY bad (and I tried a lot of different stuff to get rid of it) till I started Proactiv Solution system when I was 19. The system didn't cure me, but it sure have helped a lot.


And then I got preggo with my 1st child, and all of a sudden my skin went CRAZY! It lasted through the 1st trimester of pregnancy, and then started to get better again. I had my daughter when I was 24, and my struggle continued... I kept up with the Proactive routine and it helped me keep the breakouts to a minimum. It was never perfect, but manageable.


And then (guess what?) I got preggo again! The 2nd pregnancy came with an awesome surprise... CLEAR SKIN! I was 99% acne-free and got off Proactive system by the end of my pregnancy.


The day I had my baby I noticed 2 new pimples on my face sad.png Darn hormones! My problem came back! So I started on Proactive again, which was managing the skin Ok till the baby turned 6mo...


All of a sudden my skin started developing awful acne... It started getting worse and worse, Proactiv failed. The baby is 8 months now, and here I am, starting Dan's regimen.


I started the regimen yesterday, on March 28th with what I had in my bathroom (Neutrogena face wash and moisturizer  and Proactive BP). I also ordered the whole system from Dan. 


I have no choice but to stick to it, since the chemicals, birth control, or antibiotics is not an option for me right now since I am still nursing and not planning on stopping any time soon.


I'm gonna try to post updates with pictures as I go along. Dan, I hope your system works...


So today is Day 2 and I took some pictures (AWFUL!) Don't even wanna look in the mirror right now.


My face is extremely itchy right now... And it hurts! I'm trying to stay as busy as possible with the kids not to start scratching myself.