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Posted by momma*of*2 on 26 August 2013 - 09:57 PM

Wow great improvement. Your red marks have also been fading quite fast. Do you attribute that to the AHA+? I used the Exposed Acne Treatment 7 months ago and it ruined my skin. Their BP made my red marks last longer. The regimen also has BP, but I'm thinking of trying it cause I am sick of having acne.

I am not familiar with Exposed Acne Treatment, but Dan's BP was tearing up my skin for the first 2 months as well. The red marks are definitely fading very fast now. It could be due to the AHA, or just the fact that I'm not getting any new acne. The regimen is definitely worth a shot, good luck!

Getting close  to the 5 months mark! I'm getting less and less acne, now it's probably no more than 1/week. I'm actually starting to think that 100% acne-free skin might be a doable goal after all. My recent accomplishment is the fact that I don't wear make-up most of the time now! What a great feeling!!! :)

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Posted by momma*of*2 on 24 June 2013 - 10:16 PM

Hey everybody!


Hope you all are doing good!


I started a new job, and it seems like my skin has taken a little step back... The problem is that I work such long shifts (13-14 hours + 1hr of driving one way), that I am not able to wash my face every 12 hours. I have a couple of small pimples, but no cycts... So overall I can't complain! I can see my skin looking pretty clear in the nearest future :)



Do you take any supplements? I hear B complex vitamins are a good, natural stress reliever.


And you never know how well the regimen will work! I think you can see even further improvements while keeping a solid regimen going. You might experience a few bumps while switching jobs, but if you keep with it, it will work smile.png

I take multivitamins every now and then, I'll look into B complex, thanks!

Thank you for your support :)



Momma, Carwinns is right.  The regimen may just be what you need.  There is a fellow orger (thereishope) who had acne worse than yours and she's clear on The Regimen so don't lose hope.  i am so happy that you are seeing improvement!  Can't wait to see the results at the end of 3 months and congrats on the new job - very exciting stuff!

Thanks Sasch! It would be nice to be 100% clear, but it sounds so unrealistic)) I don't want to be disappointed in the end, that's why I am hoping for mostly clear skin, not completely.



I can't believe I am getting close to the 3 months mark. Yay! Time to re-evaluate)







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Posted by momma*of*2 on 11 May 2013 - 06:02 PM

Hi Sasch! Thanks for the link, what a great log! I really enjoyed reading it. Her improvement is truly amazing!

Still can't make myself take pictures, just feel soooo ugly right now. Prefer to stay on the other side of the camera, especially since I am pretty good at that :) May be I'll do pictures every 2-3 weeks instead of weekly. It just brings my spirit down too bad.

I can't believe it has already been 2 weeks since you started! Keep up the good work, and thank you for encouragement!


FlaggLives, thanks for your support! Good luck to you too, I hope you start seeing improvement soon!


6 weeks and 2 days (I think?)

I decided to try the AHA last night... Holy guacamole!!!! This stuff burns like crap!!!!!! I had to sit in front of the fan for at least 30 minutes just to take the edge off the pain. I am understanding some burning is normal, but this was something out of ordinary. Not sure if I want to ever try it again. May be I should just use it as a spot treatment?

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Posted by momma*of*2 on 03 May 2013 - 08:23 PM

Momma, i am 1 week into the regimen and my acne has worsened so you are not alone in that respect.  I too want to quick but seeing you carry on has given me the strength to do the same


Smile and Hugs from New York

Hang in there Sasch! Those first few weeks are the hardest! I am still struggling myself, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end! nod.gif

5 weeks and 1 day


Once again I bumped the amount of BP up to the whole finger, and once again I broke out all over. Now I see the correlation that has been going on all along. As soon as I increase the BP amount my skin gets really dry and I break out. Then it gets better, I increase the amount of BP and the cycle continues. I guess the good news is that I maxed out on the amount of BP, so once my skin adjusts to this amount, the dryness will (hopefully!) subside and I won't have any more outbreaks. That's my theory, hehe)) But I've gotta have something positive to look forward to, right?))