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26 August 2013 - 09:57 PM

Wow great improvement. Your red marks have also been fading quite fast. Do you attribute that to the AHA+? I used the Exposed Acne Treatment 7 months ago and it ruined my skin. Their BP made my red marks last longer. The regimen also has BP, but I'm thinking of trying it cause I am sick of having acne.

I am not familiar with Exposed Acne Treatment, but Dan's BP was tearing up my skin for the first 2 months as well. The red marks are definitely fading very fast now. It could be due to the AHA, or just the fact that I'm not getting any new acne. The regimen is definitely worth a shot, good luck!

Getting close  to the 5 months mark! I'm getting less and less acne, now it's probably no more than 1/week. I'm actually starting to think that 100% acne-free skin might be a doable goal after all. My recent accomplishment is the fact that I don't wear make-up most of the time now! What a great feeling!!! :)

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04 August 2013 - 10:21 PM

Thank you guys, your words mean a lot to me! I am so happy I stumbled upon this website back in March. It would be wonderful to have a 100% acne-free skin, as I have not had it since I was 14, but I really feel I can't ask for more than what I have now. I guess I'll just wait and see :) I sure will keep you updated on the progress.

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02 August 2013 - 11:02 PM

Hi acne warriors! I hope the things are going great for you all!


It has been 4 months since I started the regimen, and my skin is still doing wonderful! In the past month, I had 2 major pimples and may be 5-7 small ones. I consider it a huge success and am very-very pleased with the results :) Check it out!





To compare, here are the pictures that I took back in the beginning of April that I never posted. Looking at them back then made me feel so angry and helpless... Soooo happy it's in the past! :)




In Topic: Mommy's Struggles

05 July 2013 - 12:18 PM

Hey there!


First of all, thanks for stopping by and for all your kind words! I hope my example gives hope to those who need it. All I can tell to those who are in doubt about the regimen is push through it, and it will definitely be worth it. Just a few months ago, I could not look at myself in the mirror without crying. I can't believe I kicked the acne's butt))) I think I am even gonna schedule a long-wanted fammy photoshoot soon to celebrate)) It hurts me to think that because of this monster acne, the last picture I have of me with my hubby and the kids is from the hospital a year ago, when the baby was born. The kiddos grow too fast, and I will never be able to return this lost year back cry.gif. Well, on the bright side, I am 3 months and 1 week into the regimen, and my skin is as smooth as the baby's bottom (well, almost rolleyes.gif ). Of course there is still a lot of discoloration, but nothing that could not be covered with a little of make-up, and it is also definitely fading. Do I still get new pimples? Yes. Usually it's 1-2 new tiny pimples every 4 days. It's hard to avoid that, since I am not able to follow the regimen precisely. I usually work 2-3 13-14 hour shifts in a row before I get a break (+ 1 hr of driving one-way), so I am not able to wash my face every 12 hours... That's when I get my pimple(s). They usually disappear in a day or so and leave no marks. It really is nothing compared to those awful, huge, red, painful, and itchy numerous volcanoes I used to have.

I was looking through the pictures I've been taking, and found a couple that I haven't posted here yet (they were from 1 week after starting the regimen). The difference is astonishing. I will definitely post them when I do the 4-months ones. So glad I've been making myself take them!


Good luck to all of you! Just keep at it no matter how hard it is and how bad you want to quit. I actually found it to be a good life lesson: be patient and consistent, and you'll get rewarded. I think it is becoming my life moto, lol))

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24 June 2013 - 10:16 PM

Hey everybody!


Hope you all are doing good!


I started a new job, and it seems like my skin has taken a little step back... The problem is that I work such long shifts (13-14 hours + 1hr of driving one way), that I am not able to wash my face every 12 hours. I have a couple of small pimples, but no cycts... So overall I can't complain! I can see my skin looking pretty clear in the nearest future :)



Do you take any supplements? I hear B complex vitamins are a good, natural stress reliever.


And you never know how well the regimen will work! I think you can see even further improvements while keeping a solid regimen going. You might experience a few bumps while switching jobs, but if you keep with it, it will work smile.png

I take multivitamins every now and then, I'll look into B complex, thanks!

Thank you for your support :)



Momma, Carwinns is right.  The regimen may just be what you need.  There is a fellow orger (thereishope) who had acne worse than yours and she's clear on The Regimen so don't lose hope.  i am so happy that you are seeing improvement!  Can't wait to see the results at the end of 3 months and congrats on the new job - very exciting stuff!

Thanks Sasch! It would be nice to be 100% clear, but it sounds so unrealistic)) I don't want to be disappointed in the end, that's why I am hoping for mostly clear skin, not completely.



I can't believe I am getting close to the 3 months mark. Yay! Time to re-evaluate)