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#3384430 Accutane Low Dose Question

Posted by Samcro on 23 September 2013 - 02:55 PM

Hey guys. I've been on 10mg for 1 month and 20mg for a month and a half now. I was wondering if it takes a lot longer to clear while on a low dose. I have been tempted to call my derm and ask for an increased dose because i am still breaking out. Can anyone who has had experience with low dose accutane let me know of their own experience.


Many thanks


Hey Cloitus,


Taking a low dose will indeed take you longer to reach your recommended culmative dose, which stands at between 125-150mg for every kg you weigh. 


So if for example you weigh 80kg,


then 125 x 80 = 10,000


divided by the dosage you wish to take, lets say 40mg, so,


10,000 / 40 = 250 days, or 35 weeks, or 9 months.


So in short yes, it will take longer, but then the trade off is you have less severe side effects.  I have taken all manner of dosages myself, from high to low&long and I find personally the latter to be more beneficial to me.


Please feel free to drop me a message or look at my profile etc if you think I can help you in any way.


Hope that helps.


All the best,



#3382130 Dose On Accutane To Ensure Remission?

Posted by Samcro on 12 September 2013 - 10:43 AM

The recommended cumulative dose to minimise the chance of relapse after Accutane is 120-150mg/kg. See pages 20-22 of attached PDF and its references:


So actually, I'll need 6,600mg in total (120 x 55)? This means I'll need to stay on it for 6 months if I stay on 40mg. 


Thank you for the PDF, that's very helpful.


Hey B,


Yeah pretty much, approx 6 months is standard treatment time - the cumulative recommended dosage is as Biggs said above.  You may also be given an extension of say 3 further months if you are not entirely clear - this happened to me the first time I took 'tane all those years ago.  It worked, but then I quickly relapsed after treatment.  Hopefully you will achieve a permanent remission, but it's not a certainty in any case:  I'm on my 4th course right now as you may remember :)


Hope you're progressing through the treatment ok


All the best