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In Topic: Goggles For Light Therapy

25 April 2013 - 11:36 PM

Look at that thing.  good work on that..  I'd be too scared to go near it though

In Topic: New And Need Advice

30 March 2013 - 06:03 PM

I don't think its that specific chemical breaking you out.  Here's the most detailed description I've found online about it.  I've only heard great reviews about it so far... (which doesn't mean much)..


Im thinking your skin could be imbalanced by that extra 0.1% dose..


However, I can't really say given the information available.


I hope this helps a little.  To answer your question -  no, trentinoin isn't known to cause breakouts.  It's actually known to be very effective at repairing damaged skin.



On a second note I'm thinking this might just be a fluke or spike reaction in the treatment.  Basically a one time thing.  Test it a little longer (if you can) and let us know.


Wishing You The best


The King of Acne

In Topic: Solodyn And Ziana

30 March 2013 - 01:13 PM

Encouraging?.. You be the judge..


Confidence is a child influence under the parent term ego.  It is subject to change entirely by the information your brain processes take in...


consider this for moment...  If everyone you met... including your friends.. strangers on the street.. your cousins.. or your grandmother..


all had the exact same case of acne would your confidence be shot?


Nope.. not at all.


But thats not how reality is, is it?


Dont worry about reality.. and how you feel right NOW.  Just know that in a single moment.. maybe even after reading this post.. that your confidence might undergo a sudden change.


In a nutshell: You need to see where you are currently.  And compare that to where you want to be.


Got it?


After that all you have to do.. is cut the fat.


Is there anything.. that you can do right now now that MIGHT help better your situation?  As long as your working on where you want to be, your ego will correct itself in time, the same way a plane flies by correcting it's course until it reaches it's destination.


As for my story.  Heck yes.  Ive tried at least a hundred different things until I decided to start looking elsewhere and start reading material/understanding labels myself. 


I F'd up my skin a number of times before I decided to try something new.. and it's a hurdle you must get over before anything good starts to happen.  But the great thing is.. it's possible.


After 2 years of "doing it wrong so I can get it right" I have:


The correct diet

Face-wash regimen

& Excercise plan


that works for me and my bodies make-up.  And you can do the same - all it requires is a little testing.


You can do it..  Just hang in there.


-Wishing you the best.

The King of Acne

In Topic: What Is This All Over My Shoulder? (Pics)

30 March 2013 - 12:54 PM

It Look like Keloid Acne Scars.. or maybe it;s more cystic.  It's hard to tell from those photos.  Are you only getting them on your shoulder?  It might even be an allergic reaction if it's spreading...


Definately see a doctor

In Topic: Sick And Tired

30 March 2013 - 12:50 PM

I'm convinced that long-term BP use leads the skin to become addicted. Either that, or my acne is just too terrible, despite everything I've done, to go away without medication. I've tried twice now to get off BP and it hasn't worked. This last round, I suffered for over a year with HORRIBLE acne (that appeared 2 days after stopping BP) and tried every dietary, supplement or natural holistic method to cure myself. In the end, I made the decision to go back on BP and right now I'm 99% clear. As soon as I put BP back on my skin again, it was like it began to function normally and heal the acne. It's like my normal skin (for whatever reason) cannot heal.


I wish you luck in trying to get off BP, but don't suffer endlessly if you don't see improvements. Medication works, and life is too short to suffer like that when there is something that can help.


No, I've given up on that dream.  It isn;t that you acne is too terrible, it's just the basic principle of "if you stop taking care of something and disregard it - it gets worse"  Sometimes alot worse.


Look, i've excepted that im different than most people and my body has special needs.  It was hard, and tough to swallow, but I manned up and accepted it.


Just like someone who diabetic and NEEDS insulin daily.. My Acne was the same.


Unless I had an outside source to maintain it (whatever it may be) it would get worse and worse until It was back where it started.


There's no such thing as getting RID of severe/mild acne.  There's just maintaining clear skin.  strongsad.gif  


You stop maintaining and all your efforts go to waste (until you maintain again).


Wishing You The Best


The King of Acne