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The King of Acne Blog > 20 Acne Home Remedies Listed By Skin Type

Posted 29 March 2013

“Acne Home Remedies For Fair Skin”  Top 5   *Moderator edit - URL removed - Read the board rules!*    1) Mixing Baking Soda W/ Water. The most generic, though effective of acne home remedies. The baking soda uses an all-natural alcohol free method of drying up the excess sebum under the skin. Mix a cup of baking soda with a...

The King of Acne Blog > Why I Got Rid Of My Acne Without Paying Those Damned Acne Companies A Dime

Posted 29 March 2013

*Moderator edit - URL removed - Read the board rules!*   Actually, I did pay those little swindlers.  More than a dime.  If I could recount the amount I payed them It would probably add up to somewhere about 6,500 dimes.  Or in US currency $650 bucks.  And that’s a rough recount from the two years I actually tried to “...

The King of Acne Blog > Breaking Down Cosmetic Skin Care Ingredients. When To Buy, And When To Run And Hide

Posted 29 March 2013

*Moderator edit- URL removed. Read the board rules!*   The sole purpose of this post is to give you an idea about what type of ingredients are thrown into your acne creams that can definitely make your skin worse!.  It’s an attempt to inform the naive, and encourage the few to take greater responsibility in their life, especially their ski...