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Hair Mineral Analysis

05 February 2014 - 10:56 AM

Try it.


Studies Show That Millions Of People Do Not Convert Beta-Carotene Into Vitamin A Well E...

30 December 2013 - 07:01 AM

Please read this article:



I've read similar articles that say many people can not convert beta carotene to Vitamin A (retinol) form.  That is really bad!  Especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan!!!! 


I'm clear from acne with my magnesium/calcium.  However, I still have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on upper arms).  I was researching, and saw it was a Vitamin A deficiency.  I wondered why....  And saw many people getting clear with FERMENTED COD LIVER OIL.  I will not name the brand here but there is only ONE COMPANY to make this FERMENTED cod liver oil!!!  And many have had great results because of the high omega 3, and vitamin A (retinol form), and vitamin D!  I already ordered mine from their website.  It's pricey but if it clears my kp... smile.png


I'm posting this hear because I know that there were a few people that said it cleared up their acne.  Also, we all know about Accutane....    And I've read rave reviews on vitamin A.  However, they were pills..  This is an actual FOOD.  It's natural.  No man-made crap. 


Second, does anyone know where I can get raw milk in Maryland?  It is illegal in most states.  If you drink raw milk, please let me know how you went about getting it.  I'm not a dairy freak, and not really a meat eater or egg eater. lol  Every once in a while though...  I feel it would be great to meet my fat soluble vitamin needs!  Google more about raw milk!  I actually had some when I was in France and my god it was amazing.  No breakouts or nothing!!!!!   It is NOTHING like that crap in stores....  Too bad the government makes it illegal.  Please protest!


I'm a huge fan of Weston A Price so I might call one of their charter leaders to find out how I can get it here if no one knows.  You should look at their site.  Very enlightening.



Good luck!

Make Your Own Foundation! (2 Ingredients)

23 December 2013 - 06:47 PM

Hey girls,


I have a suggestion... I don't know if has been brought up,  but why not make a DIY foundation?


Start with a base:  You can choose arrowroot powder (which is what I use) or cornstarch.

Then to add color:  Use cocoa powder.  Or turmeric powder (if you have yellow undertones).


But the base is arrowroot or cornstartch, and then for color, you can use whatever (cinnamon...etc)  but cocoa is the one that is most used... :D  And that I used.


GREAT for acne.


I just put it in my old bare minerals container, and bought myself a new brush.  And put my DIY foundation in there.  Also, if you just want a transclucent powder (no color), then just use the arrowroot powder.  Aaaaaaaaamazing. :D  Cheap, and no harsh irritating ingredients!


You can also google this to find alternative recipes.  This is just what I use.


Good luck!

Magnesium Cured My Back Acne

22 December 2013 - 07:49 AM

Hi all,


I have posted how magnesium + calcium + d3 + zinc had cured my acne in the nutrition holistic forum.   (Specifically magnesium + calcium because I have been on D3 and zinc for a while and it never really made a difference.  Well, vitamin D3 helped temporarily and minorly and it never helped for my back acne). 


But just in case you guys do not go there (I know that sometimes I avoided that forum because despite eating a healthy diet, my face and back were a wreck and it was frustrating).  So I am posting here.


Magnesium cleared my BACK acne.  I had cysts and pus filled ones.  It affected my whole back and shoulders.  Please consider taking it... magnesium is important if you have too much calcium in your diet.  Magnesium is also needed for PROPER calcium absorption.  Plus, many people are lacking in magnesium.  I tried magnesium oil but that never worked for me.  I had results from taking it internally in an absorbable powder form  (natural calm plus calcium). 


I don't wash my back with any soaps or nothing.  Just let the water hit my back when I shower.  That is all.  I don't even have to think or worry about it.


Good luck!